Legoland Deutschland


When we moved to Germany, I knew Legoland was going to be at the top of our ‘must see’ attraction list. I’m not sure if my two boys were more excited or my husband. The daughter and I were just along for the ride…so I thought.

We decided to stay at a local Best Western Schlosshotel that was on a castle property. Who knew “Best Western” and “castle” would be used in the same sentence? I was pleasantly surprised at how chic it was and it came recommended by Legoland reservations. They do have a hotel on Legoland property, Holiday Village, but it was fully booked at the time we went. They have themed rooms with adventurous motif, such as Pirate and Egyptian styles. There are also camping sites for the more daring and nature loving guests.

Back to the attraction business, the theme park is beyond fantastic! Not only did it have the dudes in our family occupied, but the dudettes well. It was filled with rides of all ages, shows, a very cool lego factory, a discovery test center, and my favorite…the Atlantis experience. The list goes on, take a look-see:

This is the view form the Observation Tower onto Pirate Land

In the Lego Fabrik, you can watch how the bricks are manufactured from beginning to end. There’s a machine used to stamp the Fabrick logo on the bricks and you get to keep one as a souvenir before you leave.

Once you come out of the factory, it is Lego galore!

The Build and Test Center where you can build racers and such with ramps and tracks to race your fellow Lego enthusiasts.

One of my favorite things about being at a European theme park with kids are these pitstop play areas. They are strategically placed along the attraction lines. Super convenient for those pesky long lines…and impatient children.

There are many great shows to see at the outdoor stage. They change every now and then so check the website for the latest events. Super cool!

Miniland is the heart of Legoland. There so many European cities and landmarks represented here. Everything from Berlin to Frankfurt airport to Holland, to Italy. This is the highlight of the park for sure!

The details are magnificent…like this gondola in Venice.

Recently, they have added the Star Wars cities for all six movies and a Ninja-go Miniland.

My favorite attraction was Legoland Atlantis by Sea lIfe. The aquarium is pretty large and houses all kinds of aquatic life, including manta rays, sharks, and the enduring Finding Nemo family.

In the petting area, you can have the cleaning shrimp snag the dead skin off your hand…my son loved feeling the tickling effect.

Another interactive attraction was the panning for gold area. For about 3 euro you can dig for gold and when finished, it gets weighed for trade of a medal or a “gold nugget”.

While the boys were panning for gold, nearby was a station for face painting. Fun for all, I tell ya!

When all is said and done…the Lego Shop is really where you get sucked in. The mini carts get the kids in on the action and they have the latest and greatest Lego toys that are hard to find living here in Germany. Plus some exclusive items.

We have been to Legoland twice now and both times have been stellar. If you get the chance…I yell an emphatic, GO!

There are several major theme parks here in Germany, go out and explore as much as you can. Remember, the customs are different than in the US. Smoking, a random biergarten here and there, with a little pushing & shoving is common and not to be taken personal…it’s just they way of the European scene. Alles Gut!

Legoland Deutschland

Operating Hours: LEGOLAND® Deutschland is open from 1 April to 4 November 2017 from 10 am until 6 pm. Longer opening hours apply on weekends, during vacation time and on public holidays. Attractions (except MINILAND) are closing one hour prior to park closing-time. Restaurant and shop hours may vary due to visitor appearance. Check website for specific details.

Phone: +49 (0) 180 5 700 757 01

Website: Legoland

Payment: The best way to score the best deal on tickets is to purchase from your local USO. $32 per ticket for ages 4 and up. Children 3 and under are free. They do sell tickets online for individuals and for families as well as at the entrance. These prices are in Euros. Credit Cards accepted: Master Card & VISA . Legoland Deutschland is constantly offering discounts and package deals. The Holiday Village Resort is adjacent to the park and has always offered 2nd day park tickets for free if you stay overnight on property. Check with the website and the USO for special pricing. Parking is 5 euro for the day, you receive a ticket as you enter. Bring it with you into the park so you can pay at guest services as you leave. This eliminates confusion and delay at the exit gate.

Directions: LEGOLAND Allee, 89312 Günzburg, Bayern, Deutschland It is close to the Stuttgart area.

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