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Letting the Dust Settle: Part I


As I look around the room and survey the scene, it’s not pretty.  On the walls hang a gigantic Halloween spider and craft from my son’s school. On the floor…is everything else! Cardboard boxes of toys. A laundry basket of backpacks and miscellaneous junk. A TV. Some folding chairs. One of those kids’ tables made of cardboard you can buy in front of the PX. (Our dining table. We’re fancy like that.) And a cushioned mat I accidentally bought at a bedding shop down the road.

(I thought I was indicating to the shopkeeper that I just wanted to take a look, but like lightning she bagged it up, and when I told her I didn’t have cash, walked me to the closest ATM. Thank goodness for her take-chargedness. It is SO surprisingly comfortable!)

Any of this sound familiar?  Yes, we are fresh-out-of-the-Dragon-Hill newbies.

My family just got to Seoul about two months ago from Chesapeake, Virginia. It’s me, my husband, two little ones and mother-in-law.  We still don’t have our furniture, but the dust is beginning to settle. I’m figuring out what the Kimchee Pot Gate is, what this KakaoTalk is all about, and how to buy a subway card without standing in front of the machine for 10 minutes like an idiot. I have not yet figured out how to back my van into tiny parking spaces.  Seriously considering getting some of those blue bumper thingies to stick on the sides of my car!

Using the subway like veterans.

But as day-to-day life stuff gets sorted out, I’m coming to realize how much more there is to learn about our new home. It’s crazy, chaotic, fast and fun. (Or stressful and overwhelming depending on the day!) There is just SO much going on in Korea. So, I feel fortunate that I’ve been asked to be a part of this site, Korea Ye!, to help make sense of it all.

City Life!

Korea Ye?  A little background for ya…

Way back before Facebook was king (five years ago) Korea Ye’s mama site, Okinawa Hai* was born. Folks, mostly military connected, wrote about things they wanted others to know about: cool parks, fab restaurants, shopping, etc. They wrote about questions and difficulties: Life during deployment, PCSing with pets. Housing. I wrote about restaurants. (Didn’t have kids back then!) It was fun. The blog grew.

And grew.  Now it’s global, baby.  A few months ago it expanded to Germany.  And now here it is in Korea!

I am SO excited that it’s here y’all. I’m excited to hear YOUR voices on here and read about your Korean experience. ‘Cause this site is a place where YOU can write and share. It’s a place of community for anyone who’s ever eaten dinner off a cardboard box!  Where we can entertain each other with our tales and teach each other through our experiences. And where we can celebrate the country we’re living in.

Did I mention I’m excited?  I am.

Oh, and my furniture comes on Friday.  Yay!

This post was originally published on Okinawa Hai, but we think it relates to life here as well. Overseas Yes and Okinawa Hai have no legal or managerial affiliation; please see the Legal Page for more information.

4 thoughts on “Letting the Dust Settle: Part I

  1. Brennan says:

    Looks great…Okinawa Hai was my bible while living in Oki–I hope this becomes a great resource for those of you in Korea! How fortunate you are to have the spectacular KG writing for you!!


  2. Kelly says:

    YES! Would love to do a little adventuring. Preferably on a less rainy day than today, although I do need to break my new rain boots in!


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