Korean Baseball!

CONTRIBUTED BY MORGAN MOELLER  (Welcome Morgan, our very first KoreaYe contributor! Applause, applause, applause. Go Morgan. Go Morgan!)

korean baseball

Your time in Korea is not complete without attending a Korean Baseball game.  This weekend we made the trip down to Jamsil Stadium to see our beloved Doosan Bears take on the Samsung Lions.

The entire day was an experience. We arrived an hour early and the only tickets left were in the outfield for 8,000 won ($7.80). Forget about overpriced beer and popcorn. Things are actually priced normally. Kimbap, dried squid, nacho flavored chips, ice cream and peanuts are all for sale. If you don’t care to buy food, you can bring your own.


Koreans love baseball and they are not afraid to make some noise. The crowd goes crazy every time a home run is hit.  Each player has their own “theme song” when they go up to bat.  Some songs are unfamiliar, but others are well known American pop songs.  The cheerleaders are out in full costume, sometimes dancing with props such as umbrellas and extra large sunglasses!

korean baseball

Korean Baseball

And the game would not be complete without a jumbo-tron proposal. We watched a goofy Korean man get down on his knee and propose to his bashful girlfriend. She waited about 30 seconds before answering “YES!”

korean baseball

No matter what team you root for, you will surely have a great time!

Korean Baseball

Jamsil Stadium

Doosan Bears Website: http://www.doosanbears.com/gameinfo/scheduleEng.do

Jamsil Stadium Website: stadium.seoul.go.krhttp://stadium.seoul.go.kr

Schedule: The Baseball schedule runs from March-October.  You can find the schedule of each team by visiting their website.

Phone: +82-2-2240-8801, 8741

Payment: Won

Address: 25 Olympic-ro, Jamsil 7(chil)-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Directions: Jamsil Stadium, Seoul Subway Line 2, Sports Complex Station, Exit 6 & 7.

One thought on “Korean Baseball!

  1. Mark Race says:

    Great story! In 2009 I listened to the final of the World Baseball Classic between Japan and Korea in a noodle shop on Okinawa. Japan won the championship in the 10th inning. I intend to get to a ballgame next spring in Seoul. Thanks


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