Yongsan Family Park


Korea -- gsan Family Park playground -- Koreaye.com
Between Seobingo and Ichon station close to the Visitors Gate there is a park. It’s within walking distance of the Visitors Gate, actually. You walk out of the gate, turn right, walk past the National Museum of Korea and take the next left into the park.

Korea -- Yongsan Family Park 1 -- Koreaye.com

There’s a neat (and climbable)  stage and lots of grassy areas to have a picnic, fly a kite or run around in.  In the summer they have concerts here!

Korea -- Yongsan Family Park giant sculpture -- Koreaye.com

There are really interesting sculptures throughout the park.

Korea -- Yongsan Family Park 4 -- Koreaye.com

And ponds with koi fish in them.

Korea -- Yongsan Family Park 2 -- Koreaye.com

There are outdoor exercise machines and best of all, a nice little playground!

As you can see it’s great for kids. They were building a picnic area with benches next to the toilets and this play area, when we were there. The only criticism I had was that the surfacing  of the playground was sand and grit so it was a bit dirty and dangerous for under 3s, which my son is. He face planted off of the slide and I had to keep him away unless he was with an older kid to hold on to him while going down!
The park is super close to Yongsan Garrison  so would make a great first adventure off post with the kids if you’ve recently PCS’ed here,  you’re staying at the Dragon Hill Lodge with kids and need to burn off some energy, or just looking for a nice park that’s easy to get to.
Here is a map. The right turn and entrance is just where the two blues line cross. The grey is the base.
Korea -- ongsan Family Park 7 Map -- Koreaye.com
Address:  60, Itaewon-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul-si   서울특별시 용산구 이태원로 60 (용산동6가)
By car, If you are driving in order to be on the right side of the street ,I think it’s better to exit the commissary gate. Turn right, right again and when you see a bridge don’t go up over it, go straight and turn right JUST after the bridge.  (It’s almost under the bridge.)  There’s a little parking lot there.  It’s 1,800 won / hour.

By subway, Closest stop is Ichon Station, Exit #2.  Walk straight for about 10 min, passing the Nat’l Museum of Korea.  The park is on your left after the museum.
Walking,  Walk out the Ichon Gate (Visitor’s Gate) and hang a left. Walk past the Nat’l Museum of Korea. The park is after the museum on your left. It’s about a 10-15 min walk and the sidewalks are pretty good.  (You can actually walk left into the museum grounds and then keep walking through the museum gardens  to the right of the museum–parallel to the main road–and they’ll connect to the family park.  It’s a nice walk by a pretty pond/waterfall!)
If you have time, or need a bite to eat, be sure to check out the excellent children’s museum / cafe in the National Museum of Korea only a minute from the park! 

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