Ferienhaus Fux – Hotel Garni in Oberammergau


Ferienhaus Fux - Hotel Garni; germanyja.com

Picture stereotypical Bavaria in your head: Snow-capped mountains, verdant green valleys with a flock of sheep or heard of cattle, tall pine trees, women in dirndls, and men in lederhosen. Throw in beautifully painted buildings wooden balconies and flower boxes overflowing and you have Obberamergau, a picturesque town tucked in-between the mountains.

Oberammergau; germanyja.com

Oberammergau is famous for it’s once-a-decade passion play. Visiting in a year not ending with “0” means you will not be seeing the play, but the other nine years are still filled with culture, beautiful scenery and German hospitality.

We visited on what a few locals called “the first nice days” of spring. Most of the tourists hadn’t arrived yet and we felt like the only visitors in town. We enjoyed wandering through the small town and seeing the painted buildings, the church, and the outside of the passion theater.

We stayed at Ferienhaus Fux – Hotel Garni and couldn’t have been happier with our accommodations! We booked a regular room and upon arrival were upgraded to a junior suite. The room was very large and had multiple areas to sit, windows with views of the German Alps on two sides and an efficient bathroom. We even had gummi snacks on our pillows!

The hotel is family run and we felt like their guests. When we arrived, their was a note on the door for us telling us that when we got there we could give the owner a call or wait until he met us there. He gave us a map to the town with suggestions on where we might eat or visit. Then he showed us to our room.

The room had WiFi, which ran fairly quickly, and cable television. If you visit any hotel with your children, you may want to prescreen the channels before handing over the remote. American standards of what is okay to show during the daytime do not apply.

Ferienhaus Fux - Hotel Garni; germanyja.com

Everything was very English friendly. The owner spoke wonderful English, the guest guide was in German and English and we had absolutely no problems.

Oberammergau is a wonderful town to visit and if you are planning on staying overnight, I definitely recommend Ferienhaus Fux – Hotel Garni!

Tips For Your Trip

Ferienhaus Fux - Hotel Garni; germanyja.com


Ferienhaus Fux – Hotel Garni

Mannagasse 2a
D-82487 Oberammergau


Tel: 0 88 22 / 93 0 93

Fax: 0 88 22 / 9 44 46.


You Tube video of this hotel 

Current Rates

There is no elevator. We didn’t mind carrying our bags, but if you prefer book a ground floor room.

There was on-site free parking.

They do take the VAT form, although for one night of stay the VAT was barely more than the fee for the form. If you were staying longer, it would definitely be worth it.

Depending on the time of the year, there is a breakfast available on the first floor for €8.00. Since we were in the off-season, breakfast was not offered, but we peeked into the breakfast room and saw that it was a nice room and the quoted offerings were plentiful.

The hotel does allow pets with a €5.00 per pet per night fee.

Ferienhaus Fux - Hotel Garni; germanyja.com

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