Han River Concert Cruise


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The Han River Cruise has been on our to-do list for a while. We have been debating on which season to go in, which time of day to go, and which day of the week would be best. We finally ended up going a few weeks ago, on a cool night, on a Thursday. It was perfect.

Korea--Han River Cruise park--Koreaye.com

This was not only our first Han River cruise, but also our first trip to the Han River. I was impressed with the beauty of it all and enjoyed the company of many tourists and locals. It is a nice way to get out of the city and enjoy a wonderful day, or night. Many people had tents set up, coolers with food and drinks, and toys for their kids. It seemed as if people came in the morning and spent all day relaxing and having fun. I would love to rent a bike and ride along the river, but I would be afraid of getting too distracted by the scenery and would probably end falling off or running into someone.

The live concert cruise we chose left from Jamsil dock and started at 7:30; it lasted approximately one hour. We arrived at the river early enough to walk around and figure out which dock was ours. If you are hungry, there are plenty of places to grab a quick bite to eat or grab a cool drink before getting on the boat. I was afraid of getting sea-sick, so getting a water was a must for me. (I am happy to report that I did NOT get sea-sick.)

Korea--Han River Cruise smile--Koreaye.com

I would recommend getting in line for the cruise as early as possible if you want a seat on the top deck of the boat. We were able to line up around 7:00 PM after the cruise before had left. We were only a few people back from the start of the line and were able to get seats right near the railing. The live music was during the second half hour of the cruise and the singer set up on the bottom deck. You can move from the top deck to the bottom deck, or just listen to the music from up top; it was loud enough where we could hear it clearly from the top.

Korea--Han River Cruise banpo bridge--Koreaye.com

The sun was starting to set as we departed the dock at 7:30. On the way to the Banpo Bridge, where the world’s largest bridge light show is located, we were able to look at Building 63 and the N Seoul Tower. As we arrived at the Banpo Bridge, the boat turned around, and the light show began. It was amazing to watch and was definitely a memorable moment in Korea.

Korea--Han River Cruise Banpo light show--Koreaye.com

After watching the light show for a few minutes, we continued back to the Jamsil dock. The sun had gone down by then and the city lit up all around us. Korea became a magical place full of lights, laughter, and music; an hour was certainly not long enough to enjoy such a wonderful atmosphere. I would go on this cruise again and again to relax and enjoy the river breeze.

Korea--Han River Cruise light--Koreaye.com

Han River Cruise lights 2

The 7:30 live concert cruise was perfect because we were able to see the city when it was light out and at night. We also had the added bonus of seeing the bridge light show and being able to listen to the live music on our way back to the dock. For only 15,000 Won per adult and 7,500 won per child, this cruise is a must on your tour in Korea.


Directions: (For Jamsil Departure)  Take subway line 2, Exit 7. Take a cab, or walk to the dock. (We walked and it only took about 10 minutes.)

Payment:  We bought our tickets at Dragon Hill Lodge, but they were just vouchers. We had to exchange them at the ticket booth near the dock for actual tickets. Tickets at the Dragon Hill for the concert cruise were 15,000 won per adult and 7,500 per child.  For more info contact the Dragon Hill Lodge and ask for the Discover Seoul Desk at:  011-82-2-790-0016

Websites:  For more information on cruise schedules and departure locations check out Visit Korea’s site HERE

The cruise line’s website (Korean only, but great pictures)  HERE

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