Quack Restaurant, Kaiserslautern


Quack Restaurant, Kaiserslautern | www.germanyja.com

What sound does a frog make? Alternatively, if your restaurant is named “Quack” why not feature a frog as its mascot. Regardless of the troubling name and mascot combination, Quack in Kaiserslautern has good, German-style food and a beautiful setting.

We recently had a friend here for a short weekend. He lives in England and has traveled extensively on “the continent.” Where to take him? Oh, and here’s the kicker, we were meeting up with him on a Sunday. Quack ended up being the clear winner in this race.

Quack Restaurant, Kaiserslautern | www.germanyja.com

Quack has a large German menu with schnitzel, spaetzle, rump steaks and Palatine specialties (Kaiserslautern is located in Rhineland-Palatine). There is a smaller indoor restaurant with a hunting-lodge feel, but outside, there is a large patio with lots of outdoor seating.

It was a beautiful day and we ate outside. Just across the road is a parking area for lots of hiking trails in the Palatinate Forest. It was the kind of day that makes you so happy to live in Germany and helps to repress the memory of the cold, dark days of German winters.

Quack Restaurant, Kaiserslautern | www.germanyja.com

The eating crowd is mixed ages and mixed between Germans and Americans. Although the times we have been there, there have been more Germans enjoying restaurants than Americans, we have had no problems ordering in our stilted German.

Here are the dishes that we, or others in our party have ordered: The Greek Salad (seasonal), Flammenkucken, Pepper Schnitzel or Pfefferschnitzel, Turkey Schnitzel or Putenschnitzel, Pork Schnitzel or Rahmschnitzel, The Grand Palattinate plate or Pfälzerplatte, and cream cheese with home fried potatoes or Weißer Käse mit Bratkartoffeln, The beers on tap are Park and Erdinger.

Quack Restaurant, Kaiserslautern | www.germanyja.com

I can highly recommend the Greek Salad, Flammenkucken, and Pfefferschnitzel. There were no traces of either of these dishes left after we left. The Weißer Käse is a nice appetizer. And any of their schnitzel is moist and good, but the Pfefferschnitzel sace is really good.

On their website there are tons of specials for nearly every night of the week. So far we have been too busy, but sometime when we stop by, we will have time to hike some of the many trails all around this area.

Quack Restaurant, Kaiserslautern | www.germanyja.com

Tips For Your Trip:

Website (has menu)


Open daily with a warme Küche (warm kitchen)
May – September: 1130-2130
October – April: 1130-2100


Entersweilerstrasse 74
67657 Kaiserslautern

Telephone: 0631-42828

Payments can be made with Euro, Dollars, Master Card & Visa

There are two nearby parking areas. One is next to the restaurant and the other is across the street. Both are free.

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