Cafe Gaene Dog Cafe


Korea--Seoul dog cafe family fun--Koreaye.comHave I told you I love dogs?

I love dogs.

I love dogs more than words can express.

If you know me, you know that when we moved to Korea we weren’t allowed to bring our pup Chelsea with us, so she had to stay with our family in Colombia while my husband is stationed here. We miss her so, SO much. Every once in a while, we need our puppy fix and back in March (Yes, March, don’t judge me.) we visited Cafe Gaene for the first time.

Korea--Seoul dog cafe gaene playing--Koreaye.comThere are so many beautiful dogs. When you get the menu, you also get a chart with their photos and their names so you can call them over to your table and know which ones are not so friendly!

Korea--Cafe Gaene

Would someone please explain these to me?

Korea--Seoul dog cafe gaene

The entrance price to Cafe Gaene is 8,000KRW and it includes a drink and unlimited puppy cuddles. The husband had an iced coffee and I had a peach tea.

Korea--dog cafe

Korea--dog cafe gaene

Korea--dog cafe gaene

Most of the dogs at Cafe Gaene are very friendly, but you can definitely see that they’re also tired. Playing with so many humans can wear any pooch out! The dachshunds are just happy to snuggle in your lap all day long.

Korea--dog cafe gaene cuddles--Koreaye.comKorea--dog cafe gaene

Korea--dog cafe gaene puppies--Koreaye.comkorea--dog cafe gaene

We feel bad for these guys sometimes… they definitely don’t have that much room to play, and they have people messing with them all the time, but I guess I am just happy that they have a home and people who actually pay to go play with them. You can also tell that the staff absolutely adores them.

korea--dog cafe gaene snuggles--Koreaye.comKorea--dog cafe gaene dog driving

I know a lot of people say that this place is dirty and whatnot, but I really don’t think so! They make sure that you sanitize your hands before entering and they’re always very quick to clean any “accident” that may happen. The place is a little run down, furniture has holes here and there but seriously, we’re talking about over 20 dogs in one place. It’s going to happen.

Korea--Seoul dog cafe gaene

Korea--Seoul dog cafe gaene tea--Koreaye.comKorea-0-Seoul dog cafe gaene

Korea--Seoul dog cafe gaene snoozing

Korea--dog cafe

Overall, we had a great time at Cafe Gaene. I wish Chelsea was here so I could bring her with me so she could play with all the other dogs.


 Hours:  Open everyday from 1:30 pm to 10 pm.

Address: Cafe Gaene 카페개네22-2, Chungmuro 1-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul  서울 중구 충무로 1가 22-2

Directions, by subway, Myeongdong station, Line 4, Exit 6 or Euljiro 1-ga station, line 2

Phone Number: 02-772-9497 / 070-4253-9497

Price: 8000 won per adult (with a complimentary drink)

Website:  Facebook:

Here’s a short youtube clip someone posted, so you can check out the scene:



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