A-Ha! Rolladen


Rolladen | www.germanyja.comThere are some items that are culture specific, but are so genius you wonder why the rest of the world hasn’t caught on. For me, Rolladen are one of those things. You don’t see them too many places outside of central Europe, but it’s hard to find a German home without them. 

When we were preparing to move here, I remember seeing these as a feature in many house listings and not having a clue what they were. I asked a friend who had lived here before and got such an enthusiastic reply, I wouldn’t have guessed it was possible that she was talking about window accessories. But now that I have lived with Rolladen, I’m wondering if you can get them installed in other countries, because I want them on my future homes!

Rolladen are  shutters and window blinds permanently and custom installed into your German home. The actual slats are on the outside of the window, but they can be raised and lowered from inside your home without opening the window. Once closed, they are hard to move from the outside so they act as a sun shade, extra insulation, and theft deterrent all in one. 

If you want total black-out, pull the Rolladens all the way closed. It will be as dark as midnight even if it’s noon on a sunny day. If you want to let a bit of light in, you can adjust the Rolladen so they only close part way or have some room between the slats. Or open them all of the way and they are out of sight. 

Rolladens – German window genius!

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Rolladen | www.germanyja.com

One thought on “A-Ha! Rolladen

  1. Steven says:

    I was in my apartment for *months* before I figured out that they could be dropped all the way down to be total blackout curtains. They’re really brilliant.


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