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Hey All! I’m back again… this time to talk a little about childcare and pre-school options in the Osan AB area. If you’re headed this way with little ones this may be of interest to you!

Let’s start with the on-base options:


Osan has one CDC comprised of one room for each age group and two rooms for the pre-school kiddos.

Currently, they only offer full-time care and hourly care (space available).  The website states they offer Part Day Preschool, but they no longer offer this option.

Whether or not there is a waiting list and how long the waiting list is will depend largely on the age of your child(ren) and where you fall on the priority list. Osan is no different than any other military installation in the way they categorize families. The availability of space will also depend on the time of year you are arriving.

You will need to wait until you arrive to fill out your paperwork. If you contact the CDC directly, they can email you the forms in advance, but you cannot be put on the waiting list prior to arriving.


Other programs:

  • Childcare for PCS (sponsored by the Air Force Aid Society-Air Force Families ONLY) – You are authorized 20 hours of FREE childcare at both your gaining and losing base through this program (so if you haven’t used this program at your losing base, go now!!).  Because Osan has no FCC homes, this is only authorized for use at the CDC. Whether or not they have space (you’d be using one of their open hourly slots) will depend on their availability at the time you arrive.  There is no guarantee that there will be space.

    • ** In order to use this program, your children must be registered with the CDC and they must be up to date on all immunizations **
    • Go by the Airman & Family Readiness with a copy of your orders to obtain the certificate.
  • Give Parents A Break/Parents Night Out  – once a month the CDC supports the Give Parents A Break program. The CDC will open on a weekend evening (hours and dates vary).

    • Vouchers for GPAB can be obtained from First Sergeants, Chaplains, MFLCs or at the Airman & Family Readiness Center.
    • Non voucher based participants pay a low flat rate of $16.
    • ** In order to use this program, your children must be registered with the CDC and they must be up to date on all immunizations **
    • Be sure to sign up EARLY as space is limited and they cannot take last minute registrations due to staffing limitations.

Osan CDC Contact information:

  • Hours: 0700-1800; M-F

  • Building 738

  • DSN: 315-784-4966

  • Commercial (from US): 011-82-505-784-4966 (Int’l rates will apply)

  • http://www.51fss.com/cdc.htm


If you’re coming from another military installation, you may be used to this as an option for childcare. Unfortunately, due to the way family housing is set up on this base, there is no family childcare program.



The school age program on Osan offers before & after school care for kiddos in Kinder through age 12. As well, they provide programs for kiddos on ½ days, no-school days, and they run the summer camp program (in order to participate in summer camp, children must have completed Kindergarten).

Depending on the care you need, availability will vary based on your priority category.


Osan School Age Program Contact Information:

  • Hours (Morning Care): 0700-0800 – includes breakfast and ride/walk to school

  • Hours (After Care): 1400-1800 – includes pick up from school, snack and homework support

  • Hours (No school/Camp): 0700-1800

  • Closed Sat, Sun & Holidays

  • Building 750

  • DSN: 315-784-6830

  • Commercial (from US): 011-82-505-6830

  • http://www.51fss.com/sap.htm



The Osan Youth Center is open to kiddos ages 9-13. This is an open recreation program, meaning that the children can sign themselves in and out of the center and come and go as they please. (In contrast, the SAP requires parents to sign kids in and them sign them out).

On school days, the Youth Center is open for kiddos from 1300-1800 (in this way they support the homeschool population as well).  After school until 1600 is considered ‘homework time’ (not all rooms are open so the kids can focus on their school work). After 1600, they open the other rooms to include the gym where the youth can play basketball, etc.

The Youth Center has clubs and activities that are based on the Boys & Girls Club model to include Torch Club, Kids in the Kitchen, Fine Are/Photography exhibits, etc.

Membership in the youth program is required. Dues are $3/month and can be paid in 6 month increments or annually.

The Youth Program does not offer planned snack time, but they do have a snack fridge that the Torch Club maintains (most expensive items are around $1) where the proceeds support community programs.

Youth Center Contact Information:

  • Hours (Front Desk & Cashier – this is where you go to sign kiddos up for Youth Sports): 0930-1730

  • Hours (Open Rec for kiddos): 1300-1800

  • Closed Sat, Sun & Holidays

  • Building 433

  • DSN: 784-4607

  • Commercial: 011-82-505-4607

  • http://www.51fss.com/youth.htm

Similarly the Teen Center is an open rec program for 14-18 year olds. This is also a Boys & Girls Club-based leadership program with an emphasis on community service. Among other things, they have video game rooms, café tables, ping-pong, snack bars (funding the Keystone Club projects) and more! The teen center regularly sponsors special programs catered to teens such as trips, dances, movie nights, etc.

Teen Center Contact Information:

  • Hours: T-Th 1500-1900; Fri-Sat 1530-2200

  • Closed Sun, Mon & Holidays

  • Building 781

  • DSN: 315-784-1492

  • Commercial: 011-82-505-1492

  • http://www.51fss.com/teen.htm

Whew! Are your eyes crossing yet? Or maybe you just skimmed to the information that applied directly to you? (Smarter because HELLO this is a lot of information)!

So, on base childcare options are not the ONLY options for families here on Osan. There are several off-base childcare centers and pre-schools. Please understand that this list is NOT exhaustive (and really wouldn’t exist at all if it weren’t for Mrs. Kim at the Airman & Family Readiness Center… can we give her a huge shout-out… because I would have just stood here with deer-in-headlight-eyes, overwhelmed at all the options were it not for her providing me with this list).


  • Half-day pre-school program (0830-1200 M, T, Th & F)

  • Faith-based organization for the English speaking community in the Osan, Songtan, Pyeongtaek areas.

  • http://missionbaptistacademy.com/index.html

  • 031-667-0375

  • Located within walking distance of Osan’s main gate

    • From Osan AB Main Gate: Walk down the Shin Jang Shopping Mall (“The Strip”) toward the railroad tracks. At the railroad tracks, turn right at “Hang Ten” clothing store. Mission Baptist Church building will be visible at the end of this street. Entrance is on the first floor.



  • 2 – 5 year olds

  • All day program (0730-1930); they run a shuttle from the main gate

  • English speaking teachers

  • Along with traditional preschool activities, they also offer traditional Korean cultural programs (tea class, language, traditional music, etc)

  • 031-664-6585

  • Songtan ro 90, Pyeongtakesi, Gyenggido



  • 3 – 5 year olds

  • Hours: 0700-1900

  • Price varies by age

  • English speaking Teachers

  • Transportation provided (last I checked, but you may want to verify)

  • 031-663-3433

  • Directions: Out main gate, at triangle of death turn left, go past Asia Hotel (on your right) and turn by the Fermagio pizza. It’s the first alley on your right behind the pizza place, school is on the 2nd floor.

    • Most people say to stop by the school for information (or have someone call that can speak Korean) as opposed to calling because the owner’s English is limited.



  • 3 – 5 year olds

  • Hours: 0730-1900

  • Price varies by age

  • Shuttle base runs near main gate

  • English speaking teachers

  • 031-664-3576



  • 3 – 5 year olds

  • Hours: 0800-1830

  • Price varies by age

  • ** no English speaking teachers **

  • 031-662-4005



  • 1- 5 year olds

  • Hours: 0800-1800

  • Price varies by age

  • ** no English speaking teachers **

  • 031-667-0995


Please remember, this post is purely informational in nature and not designed as an endorsement of any of the above organizations/centers.


I hope this helps! Good luck!

7 thoughts on “Osan Childcare Options

  1. Jennifer says:

    Thank you so much for this information! I have been trying to find information on preschools near the AB with very little luck. I have tried looking up the ones you listed in hopes of finding a web site or email address as I am not local at the moment and need to set things up before I get there but am not finding that information. Would you have any direction you can point me to help find that? Would you also have any experience or knowledge about how hard it is to get a child enrolled in one of the preschools in regards to waitlists or enrollment time (can they start right away if I cant get it set up in advance)? Again, I really appreciate you taking the time to post the information you have posted and any additional information would be amazing! Thank you.


  2. Angie says:


    The CDC information is outdated. You can now once you have orders get on the waitlist for Osan’s CDC.


  3. daniel says:

    Does anyone have children that go to school off base? I’m looking at the Engene Children’s Center, Wookyung Meyson Preschool, an Scholastic English Center. If so what is tuition like, and are you pleased with the education? Thanks.


  4. Jennifer Heim says:

    Can anyone give me an estimated cost on childcare for a 1-year-old? Any spouse page for on-base daycares or nannies on Osan AFB? I’m trying to find out a price point to see if it will be worth it to work or not.TIA


  5. Benaya Doron says:

    Update to our above post:
    Sadly we didn’t have enough interest from Osan Airbase people, so we will not be sending a shuttle over.
    We still have very caring teachers who are well trained and provide excellent education in aour dream kindergarten building.

    You may delete this and our previous post.


  6. Benaya Doron says:

    Update to our above post:
    Sadly we didn’t have enough interest from Osan Airbase people, so we will not be sending a shuttle over.
    We still have very caring teachers who are well trained and provide excellent education in our dream kindergarten building.

    You may delete this and our previous post.


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