Kids Party Places and Fun in Seoul


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Every mummy who lives in Seoul know that foreigners have hard time in Korea organizing a birthday party for their kids due to the language barrier mainly and then that indoor playgrounds are only a few that can not host a fun party with enough space, trampolines and slides or anything fun for 6 year old and above and variety of nice party food.

Luckily, the last month I have been to some different places for parties and I also made my daughter’s birthday party for a second time in the same indoor playground but this time I managed to take photos and here’s the list I made for 2014 new places I ‘discovered”…!

1) Little Prince Cafe at Seollung

Some of the staff here speak English, it is a quite new playground and has delicious food. Kids of all ages here can enjoy so much playing and parents have the opportunity to watch them easily as they have vision access almost everywhere or via the TV screen cameras.

The only thing you need to do is to book the date and time, book the prefered area you wish to eat and cut the cake,  pre-buy the entrance tickets for your kids guests (10 tickets have 50% discount) and that includes a free juice to each kid.

They give you 50% discount to all coffees parents will order and free parking for 3 hours for all and the last thing to do is to choose a menu that must be at least one dish per parent.

Both kids and parents can enjoy food and relax and have fun.

1-Seoul Kids Parties Little Prince

Korea--Kid Parties Seoul Little


(E-Mart Yeoksam), 2nd floor   (English Map is attached)
서울특별시 강남구 역삼로 310 (역삼동) 한솔필리아 지하1층

(This is the address to Emart if you take a cab.)

About 40 min from Yongsan Garrison. Please note, it’s very hard to tell this building is an Emart!

09--Map_Little Prince (gangnam)

Seollung Subway Station Exit 3

Phone: 02 26527001

2) Samsung Leports Center

This is an excellent alternative solution for a party full of fun and swimming!

Kids went straight to the party room and started making their handmade cartonbox-boats with the help of course of the swimming tutors. And mummies went to a cafe is at the same building’s entrance and had a nice cup of coffee.

When the kids were ready, they went to the changing rooms to put on their swimwear that we had brought from home, plus swimming caps and goggles. Mummies went one floor up where we had access to the big pool area but we could watch them form behind glass. Swimming tutors took care of everything.

After the boats started sinking all the kids were transferred to the shallow pool so they could play and swim safely.

There were swim life jackets there and most of kids who were unsure could put them on but some who were more confident in swimming did not.

After an hour and maybe more of swimming and playing in the pool, they went to take a shower were mummies could go in and help and then we were all transferred to the party room for lunch and cake. Lunch was pretty yummy. And the party was over…all the kids loved it!

Korea--Seoul kids parties


tel. 023470-0500

1645 Seochodong, Seochogu, Seoul, South Korea


3) Kids Republic

The only English kids cafe in Seoul.

Although there are no trampolines or tubes or slides, there are little and big houses for kids to pretend cooking or shopping, an octopus twisting around very slowly, a big boat that Kids Republic teachers are moving for kids and goes pretty high each side, a big screen for Dance time…so kids had really fun time and the food was very good.

I heard that there are a few branches around Seoul.

Korea--Seoul kids parties Kids


1101 Boutique Monaco Building
1316-2 Soecho-dong Soecho-gu, Seoul

Directions:  Kangnam Station Gate 5 next to GT Tower, walk straight for 5 minutes away from the subway station

More Resources:

4) Hotel Rennaissance Kids Play

Unfortunately here I do not have my own photos but I can pass you information.

It was a really really nice party here and very nicely organized by a team ”KIDS PLAY”, with bubble show, bouncy castle, body painting, cotton candy maker and games and at the end delicious buffet food in a comfortable room near by. I think it is really worth it.

To read more about it, check out this press release.


676 Yeoksam-dong,
Gangnam-gu, Seoul

Phone:  02-2222-8600

5) Bennigan’s Kids at Gangnam

seoul kids parties bennigans

This place is suitable for ages until 6 years old.

I have been there a couple of times already. It has sand play and a big slide. Also there is an awesome magician show that comes with the party package plus birthday cake and extra cupcakes for each kid in a box for the end of the party, all provided by the cafe. The food here I must say is delicious and parents really have a relaxing time and kids love it. This place is very clean and neat and organized. It has an ARTS choice of playing as well…like pottery and painting and kids cooking. The birthday kid can bring only the goodie bags!


2F/3F, 94, Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea.
While searching for the phone of the cafe I found out that there is a post in Koreaye already about this cafe… So please click below for directions:)

Phone: 02-517-5007

6) Vroomiz at Oksu

A nice kids cafe for all ages. It is a squared big space so parents can enjoy sitting and watching kids. Food is average but the prices of this cafe in general are pretty cheap!

Kids feel like they are playing at big house and you want to stay there for hours.

Give it a try as it is a friendly playground where kids can visit daily.


It is located near Oksu Station and near Kids Bounce


Uwoollim Appartment Shopping Centre
Sungdong gu, Oksu dong 560

*See map below (this is from Oksu Station)

Phone: 02 22993654

Korea--seoul kids parties

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