Sunday Market in Incirlik Village


The Sunday Market in Incirlik Village is an outdoor market conveniently located close to the Base’s front gate. It is a great place to get fresh produce at prices that are considerably lower than the Commissary.

The quality of the food is comparable, or better (in my opinion), than what you can purchase at the Commissary. Also, you can find a greater variety of items such as eggs, shoes, honey, and plastic bins. There are various other items available depending on the day and time of year you go. The produce varies according to the season as well.

The market is open year-round from about 9:00am until the late afternoon (there is not a set open or close time that I have found, so this is an estimate). Although the market is kid-friendly for older children, it’s probably easier to leave younger children at home. It can be hard to watch a young child as you try to select and bag large quantities of produce. However, it is ok to bring them, I just suggest using a stroller or baby carrier.

Be prepared to ask for prices in Turkish (ne kadar, pronounced neck-a-dar, means “how much?”) and start mastering your numbers as you buy by the kilo (kilo), half-kilo (yarim kilo) or Turkish Lira.  (Quick counting lesson! Here’s how you pronounce the numbers in Turkish – This is not how they are spelled in Turkish: 1 – beer, 2 – icky, 3 – ooch, 4 – dirt, 5 – baysh.)

Market vendors will give you plastic bags when you make a purchase, but it’s helpful to have a pull-cart and or/reusable shopping bags with you as well. I have seen the pull-carts available for purchase at the market and the reusable shopping bags can be purchased at the BX.

I have found that the prices are usually non-negotiable at this market, but you may be a better haggler than me. Parking is free and available along the curb in front of the market or there is a parking lot directly behind the market. It is always a good idea to lock your doors and hide, or take with you, your high-value items, just as you would in the States.

One more helpful hint when visiting the Sunday Market, earlier is better! By 3:00pm the market is super busy and extremely difficult to maneuver through.


Turn right out of the front gate and make a U-turn as soon as possible on Ataturk Cadesi. Stay on Ataturk Cadesi (following the paved road) as it curves to the right.

When you see what looks like an open town square (the road breaks into 3 directions by the Turkish flag), you have reached the market – it is directly to your right.

You have 2 options for parking. If you make a right, you will be able to park along the curb in front of the market. If you go straight across (the town square) and then slightly veer to the right, you will be able to park in the parking lot which will be down a little ways and on your right. I recommend parking in the lot since there is plenty of space and it’s much easier to maneuver your vehicle in and out.

Have you been to the Sunday Market? What are some of your favorite items to purchase there? Do you have any helpful hints for new people wanting to check this market out? Help out others by posting a comment below.

Payment: TL only (small change is best)

Hours: 9:00am – 4:30pm (this is an estimate since there is not a set time for the markets)

Address: İncirlik Cumhuriyet Mh., Baki Ağaoğlu Sokak, 01220 Adana, Turkey

Google Coordinates: 36.99186, 35.44043

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