Zum Storchennest (Stork’s Nest) Restaurant, Bann


Stork's Nest, Bann | www.germanyja.com

When in Rome, do as the Romans do.
When in Germany, eat as the Germans do!

If you are in the KMC area and looking to eat as the Germans do, you might want to try the Stork’s Nest restaurant in Bann (near Landstuhl). You will find a nice variety of German dishes on their menu and many of their ingredients are locally sourced.

Three of us ate there on a Thursday evening. We were seated quickly (no reservation) and had a good time. The food was very tasty and we were all too full to try their desserts, even with their tempting ice cream creations.

Stork's Nest, Bann | www.germanyja.com

I ordered the Riesling Schnitzel. The pork steak was served in a Riesling wine and cheese gratin (thickened sauce). It was comes with a salad and a separate plate of French fries. The sauce was very good – perfect with the schnitzel and for dipping the fries. The Riesling Schnitzel was 13.80€.

The others ordered Jägerschnitzel (not pictured) and the Grillteller Landhaus Storch. Jägerschnitzel means that the schnitzel is served with a brown sauce with mushrooms. At Storchennest it comes with a salad and a plate of fries. The Grillteller was as advertised: a plate of grilled meats including beef, pork and turkey cutlets, sausage, and bacon. It came with small sauce dishes of sour cream, herb butter, and fried onions. Besides all of that, it too came with a plate of fries. The Jägerschnitzel was 13.20€; the Grillteller: 14.80€.

Stork's Nest, Bann | www.germanyja.com

Some of the dishes have two size offerings: regular and “Für den kleinen Hunger” (literally: for a small hunger, or if you’re not THAT hungry). The smaller sizes come with a slightly smaller price as well. Both the schnitzels were offered in the larger and smaller sizes. The Grillteller only came in groß. I figure if you are ordering a plate of meat, they assume you don’t have a “kleinen Hunger.”

We’ve heard great things about Schnitzel night on Wednesdays. It starts at 1730 and a schnitzel dinner is 9.80€. Understandably, this is a popular night at Storchennest, so reservations are recommended.

The restaurant, beer garden and facilities are wheelchair accessible. There are children’s menus and a small playground on the grounds.

Finally, why the “Stork’s Nest” name? The owners of the restaurant and hotel also run a rehabilitation center for injured storks.

Stork's Nest, Bann | www.germanyja.com

Tips For Your Trip:


Hauptstraße 127
D-66851 Bann


Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday: 1700 – 2200 (kitchen open 1800-2100)
Thursday: 0900-1400 and 1700-2200 (Breakfast buffet 0900-1100; kitchen open 1200-1330)
Sunday: 0900-1700 (Breakfast buffet from 0900-1100; kitchen open 1200-1630)


+49 (0) 6371 9258-0


There is an adequate parking lot on the side of the building.

Restaurant website

Reservations can also be made online at the Zum Storchennest website 

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