Kazancilar – Turkish Dining with a View


There are many great restaurants in Adana serving traditional Turkish food, but one really stands out for me – Kazancilar. It is located on the top floor of the Optimum Mall and in the opposite corner from McDonalds. Here you can order the famous Adana Kabob, Chicken Shish (grilled chicken on a stick for those of you who are new here), Cheese Bread, Mix Grill and more.

The food is some of the freshest I have tasted here in Adana and the prices are good. I really like the fact that the prices are posted all around the restaurant walls so that I know I’m paying the same price for my food as the locals and not the more expensive “foreigner’s price.”

However, what really puts Kazancilar above the rest of the Turkish restaurants I’ve eaten at is its view of the Adana Mosque. My family and I love sitting outside on the large terrace and dinning directly across from this monstrous beauty. The view, for me, never gets old. (Well, that and watching the local traffic down below in what can only be described as semi-structured ciaos.)

Kazancilar is our favorite place to bring ‘newbies’ to Adana. Anytime family and new ‘PCSers’ come to visit, this is our first stop on the tour through Adana. Our guests get to experience their first traditional Turkish food while overlooking the best views of Adana.

If you visit on a day in which the weather does not cooperate, there is also plenty of space to sit inside the restaurant. Kazancilar also recently added a toddler play area. This is great for those of you dining with young children with boundless energy.

When you dine, be sure to check out the grill/kitchen. It is located in the back of the restaurant and is there for patrons to watch how the food is cooked. The grill is lined with a glass viewing partition and the cooks enjoy showing off their skill.

I hope you enjoy this restaurant as much as our family! After you’ve dined here, please leave a comment about your favorite dish to order so that others can try it too.

Kazancilar Restaurant – Adana, Turkey

irections: Turn right out of the front gate and take Attaturk Caddesi all the way to the end. Take a right onto the D400 and continue for about 15min. Once you see the large Adana Mosque, get in your right lane and prepare to exit (if you pass the mosque, you’ve gone too far). Take the slip-road on the right and make a right at the round-about. You should then see the Optimum Mall on your right. Stay in your right-hand lane and make a right, following the signs for the Optimum Mall underground parking garage. Once you’re parked, take the elevator to the top floor of the Optimum Mall. You will see Kazanciliar in the back, right corner of the Food Court.

Coordinates: N 36°59.398’ E 35°20.360’

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