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If you are unable to get in to see the dentist here on base, there is another option – Visiting a local dentist at Medline Hospital! And the best news?… It’s covered by Tricare! My good friends told me about her (the dentist) and what a great experience they had. Since it was time for my kiddos and I to have our cleanings I decided to try it out myself.

Making the appointment was easy! I just visited the Tri-Care office located in the Medical Clinic, (2nd window on the right once you enter the building) and they booked my appointment with Medline right then and there for the next week. They then handed me a form that I needed to give to the dentist to be reimbursed. Done!

The next week, the kiddos and I headed out (with the map Tri-Care provided) for our dental appointments. I didn’t know what to expect and I was a little nervous. After all, the dentist can be an unpleasant experience let-alone visiting a dentist in a foreign country. Medline was very easy to find (about 25min from the base, all highway driving) and parking was no problem – I parked up top, behind the hospital. As soon as we walked in the main entrance we were greeted by a woman who spoke great English. She then took us to the VIP waiting room (free snacks and drinks – score!) until the dentist was ready to see us. After about a 5 minute wait, she came back for us and led us to the dental clinic, which is located right by the front entrance.

Stepping into the dental clinic and seeing the cleanliness and modern equipment eased my nerves right away. The office was welcoming and reassuring. The dental chair and equipment was more high-tech than any dentist I have ever visited in the States (the dental chair operated by touch-screen!). I recognized that most of the instruments were purchased through American dental companies.

The dentist, Ebru (pronounced almost like April), introduced herself and immediately made my kiddos feel welcome. She spoke great English and engaged the kids right away with toys that she had in her office. It was my 2 year olds’ first visit to a dentist so I was a bit nervous on how this was all going to go down. However, when it came time for our cleanings she was the first one to walk up and climb into the chair! I was shocked! Ebru blew up a balloon for her, put cartoons on the flat screen TV in front of the chair and then gave her a stuffed animal after her mini-cleaning. Success!

I ended up visiting 2 more times, without the kiddos, to have my first fillings – yuck! But, Ebru was amazingly efficient, administered the perfect dose of numbing medicine, and had me out of the chair in 30 minutes each time! Needless to say, I now have a favorite dentist and wish I could take her back to the States with me.

Tips about the Tri-Care Dental Program:

  • Make your appointment with Medline through the Tricare office.
  • Be sure to take the form with you and have the dentist fill it out after services.
  • You will need to pay for your dental services in TL the day of your service (they accept credit cards).
  • Return the form to the TriCare office, along with the receipt, and they will fax it off for reimbursement (they will then hand you the conformation of fax once it goes through).
  • A check will arrive in the mail, paid to you, for reimbursement within 2 weeks (mine arrived in just 1 week!).
  • Be sure to check with TriCare on the services that they will cover prior to your dental appointment. (They cover most everything deemed necessary: cleanings, fillings, crowns, etc. However, if you are like me and want a composite filling (white instead of silver) you will need to pay 20% since it is considered cosmetic.)

Medline Dental Contact Information:

Address: Bulvari No:234 Cukurova Adana, Turkey

Phone:  90 322 455 25 50 Ext: 1051

Dentist Email: Ebru.akcali@medline.com.tr

Website: www.medline.com.tr

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4 thoughts on “Local Dentist at Medline

  1. Kimberly Nardini says:

    Thank you Larissa for recommending her to us! I took Ella a few months ago and she was awesome!! She explained every detail of what she was going to do ahead of time and made Ella feel at ease! I highly reccomend Dr. Ebru as well!


  2. Kelley Luenebrink says:

    We loved going to see her! She really takes her time with the kids to make them feel comfortable and she did a great job with my teeth as well.


  3. Michelle Pieller says:

    We also had a great visit with Dr. Ebru. She removed my sons tooth, filled my daughters cavities and did regular cleanings. She has always been very nice and professional.


  4. Lori the Dentist says:

    I am so thrilled to read of the positive experiences with Dr. Ebru Akcali at the Medline Hospital dental office. She has a fantastic personality, and is an excellent dentist who I would recommend anyone make an appointment with. I’ll pass the compliments on to her!


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