Ceraworks Ceramic Painting Workshop


Korea-ceraworks ceramics painting insadong--Koreaye.com

This awesome place in Insadong is a really nice experience and fun for the whole family.

I was there a few days ago and me and my daughter, along with some friends, enjoyed painting ceramic stuff of our own choice. We spent a couple of hours there we enjoyed it so much!

If you decide to visit it, you will have the chance to choose your own mug, plate, bowl, big vase, a breakfast set or anything else you like! You can paint it with the big choice of colors and patterns that are given, spend as much time you wish to finish it, and take it home later after drying.

Korea--ceraworks ceramics painting insadong menu--Koreaye.com

Next to CERAWORKS there are other workshops that give you the opportunity to paint on glass bottles too and much more.

Korea--ceraworks ceramics painting insadong craft workshops--Koreaye.com

We are looking forward to going there again so much and it will be very soon indeed!

Note: They speak enough English to communicate the basics.

Here are some photos you can have a taste how it looks.

Korea--ceraworks ceramics painting insadong ssamsigil workshop--Koreaye.comKorea--ceraworks ceramics painting insadong pots--Koreaye.com

Korea--ceraworks ceramics painting insadong paint--Koreaye.com

Korea--ceraworks ceramics painting insadong workshop--Koreaye.com


By subway, Anguk Station Line 3, Exit 6

Jonggak Station  Line 1, Exit 3

It is the popular (large brown) 3 story building you may have seen or visited before called Ssamzigil, with the balconies and little art shops.  It’s  on the main strip of Insadong. If you are coming from Anguk it will be on the left and from Jonggak on the right. Ceraworks and the other workshops are found in the basement.

ceraworks 5

Address: Insadong, Ssamzigil B1

서울특별시 종로구 인사동길 44

Operation Hours: Daily from 10am

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