Burritos in Berlin: Dolores

Dolores Burritos, Berlin | www.germanyja.comIf you’re an American expat living in Europe, you’ve probably noticed that good Mexican and Tex-Mex places are pretty rare.

I’m talkin sparkly unicorn having a picnic with Nessie rare.

Germans just don’t seem to understand what Mexican food is supposed to be. You’ll get a “burrito” with eggplant and green beans inside, or sweet and sour sauce instead of salsa, or they’ll roll up chicken in a tortilla and then put sauce all over it, completely missing the point of handheld food. After so many bad experiences, we were ready to give up in our attempt to find good Mexican food in Germany.

And then one day, we found Dolores.

During one of our weekend trips to Berlin, Fionn and I were wandering around Mitte when we saw a sign for “California Burritos”. Fionn is a California boy, and he’s a pretty harsh judge when it comes to authentic Mexican food. We decided to take a chance.

We were absolutely BLOWN AWAY by this place.

Burritos, quesadillas, tacos, salads, soup, agua frescas, real guacamole, and more-this place has it all. You have the option to order an “express burrito” with pre selected fixins’, or make your own, choosing from delicious options like mole chicken, adobe beef, pork carnitas, and even tofu, plus a ton of awesome homemade salsas.

Did I mention they use real pinto and black beans and Mexican cheese?

You heard me right. Oh, and the giant burritos run about € 6.

Holy Taquito, that’s a good deal.

Dolores Burritos, Berlin | www.germanyja.com

On the right, you’ll see my “Easy Chicken” Express Burrito (€5,50) and Fionn’s Burrito Bowl with adobe beef (€6), plus 2 agua frescas.

There are two Dolores locations in Berlin. Our favorite can be found near Alexanderplatz:

Rosa-Luxemburg-Str. 7
10178 Berlin Mitte

But you can also get your fix in West Berlin too:

Bayreuther Str. 36
10789 Berlin Schöneberg

There hours are Monday – Saturday: 1130-2200 and on Sunday 1130-2200.

For more info on their menu or to get directions, check out Dolores’ website. It’s in German, but you can easily Google Translate it.

The staff speak English and German and when you’re sitting inside, enjoying your delicious burrito and agua fresca midst sugar skull art, the only thing that reminds you that you’re in Germany instead of a place in Los Angeles is the bumping Euro techno. This place got such a rave review from finicky Fionn that when we returned to the US and ate our first burrito on American soil, his response was, “Well, it’s not as good as Dolores…”

And if that doesn’t convince you to try this place out, I don’t know what will!

What else can you do in Berlin?

Note: Shannon originally posted this article on her site, but has graciously shared it with us here as well. Danke!

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