Cruise Parking in Barcelona


Are you thinking of driving to the port the next time you take a cruise? We’ve done it a few times here in Europe. At Venice we were able to drive right up to the dock and park within a block of our cruise ship. We recently drove to Barcelona and left our car there while we hopped on the ship and headed out to sea.

We could have flown to Barcelona of course, but we choose to drive so that we could see the sites along the way (how many chances do you get to go to Andorra?). We hadn’t seen much on-line or in any of the information sent out by the cruise ship about the parking situation at the Barcelona port. We figured it couldn’t be too different from Venice.

cruise parking Barcelona |

We arrive at the port without a problem, but when we got there, there was only short-term parking (an hour at most). That would work well if we were dropping someone off or if we were a taxi, but we really wanted our car to be there when we returned – we’re crazy like that.

We asked one of the cruise employees who was assisting customers and found out some great information. I’ll share it with you here to save you the first confusing step we took!

Long-term cruise parking at the Barcelona port is at the World Trade Center Building. It’s about two miles from the cruise port (terminals A, B, C and D). It was nice out on both the day we departed and the day we returned, so we walked back and forth, but there is also a blue shuttle bus. It costs 3€ per adult (€2 per child) one-way. If you do take the shuttle, save your bus tickets and when you pay for your parking at the end of your journey, the bus fare will be reimbursed. If you are departing from terminal S, N or E, you will not need to take the shuttle bus; your ship is parked within walking distance.

The suggested situation is that you first drive your car to the port and drop off all luggage and even some passengers. Then take your car and park it, taking the blue shuttle bus back to the port and your ship. I’m sure this cuts down on crowding in the bus. But on the way back it works best to have everyone and their luggage hop on a blue bus.

The parking location is pretty convenient for Barcelona sight seeing. There is a hop-on-hop-off bus that leaves from this area regularly. There is a place to rent bicycles. You are also about a block from the Christopher Columbus monument (Monumento a Colón), which marks the lower end of Las Ramblas, the famous pedestrian area. When we returned to the port, we left the car parked and enjoyed Barcelona, knowing that the car was safe.

The price for parking is comparable to parking at an airport:
One day: €25.00
Two days: €50.00
Three – seven days: €75.00
Each additional day is €10.00
(This is the cruise pricing. Normal prices are by the minute or €25.00 per day. We showed our cruise card to get the discount.)

The system works like most European parking garages. You take a ticket as you come in and keep it. When you come back to pick up your car, bring the ticket and the bus tickets to the cashier (for the special cruise rate). Pay there (they do accept credit card) and then take your ticket with you and use that ticket to get out of the garage.

The parking was ample and clean. All spots were in a covered area and it is guarded 24 hours a day. No reservations are needed. Other than not knowing about it when we got to the port, the system worked great for us and we have no complaints.

cruise parking Barcelona |


World Trade Center (WTC) Parking:
‪Moll de Barcelona, 1
‪08039 Barcelona‬, Spain

Cruise Ports A, B, C and D:
Carrer Marítim de Gabriel Roca, 2,
08039 Barcelona, Spain

World Trade Center Cruise Parking website (great map and current prices).

Note: Click top picture for credit. 

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