Anseong Farmland


Korea--Anseong Farmland

If you are looking for a day trip the entire family can enjoy, I recommend checking out Anseong Farmland located approximately 70 kilometers south of Seoul.  We took a trip to the farmland with the Yongsan FMWR.  At first my husband and I were nervous about taking the trip with the tour group because it meant an entire day without being able to leave at the bidding of our toddler, which can be disastrous!  We decided to take the risk and just go.  The bus ride wasn’t too bad and there were a lot of other families with small children, too.  We had to be on post at 8am to catch the bus.  We got to Anseong Farmland around 9:30.

Korea--Anseong Farmland

The farmland is like an amusement park and petting zoo mixed into one really cool place!  It is divided into different sections you can choose how to plan out your day, plus you get a really easy to follow map that gives you suggested itineraries.  Since we were with a tour group we had an itinerary that we followed with everyone.  The first item was a tractor ride tour of the farmland.  The kids loved riding the tractor and seeing the cows and horses!  After the tractor ride we were guided towards the farm animals and archery.  We saw goats, sheep, horses, and there were dogs as well.  We got to feed horses some carrots, which my daughter loved!  My husband loved the archery and that was where all of the husbands/dads ended up!  🙂

Korea--Anseong Farmland

Korea--Anseong Farmland

Korea--Anseong Farmland

After the animals and archery we went inside and decorated cookies for baking.  It was really hard to keep the kids from eating the cookie dough but we had fun putting our cookies together.  After baking cookies we had Korean food for lunch.  The complex includes a nice food court/shopping area with a convenience store, a Korean restaurant, a pizza place and a Yopresso coffee shop.  The food was really good, just a pork cutlet with rice and some vegetables.

Korea--Anseong Farmland

After lunch the kids all started to get a little antsy but luckily horseback riding was next on the itinerary!  The smaller toddlers were not allowed to ride horses but they loved watching the other kids and parents!  It was also my first time ever riding a horse so I got to check that off my bucket list!  Once the horseback riding was over with we all were getting pretty tired.  This was when we were starting to wish we had driven ourselves there.  Plus it was getting chilly and rainy.  There were other things to do, such as some rides and gift shops, but it was just too nasty out.  Fortunately, the tour guide decided to load us up early and we got home around 4:30pm.

Korea--Anseong Farmland

I would love to go back when the weather is nicer!  I recommend taking the tour first so you get a chance to experience everything and it is less pricey, but be aware that it is a full day!  The cost for the tour is $15/person for the bus fee and 30,000 won per person (children under 3 are free for the bus and entry).  This includes lunch.  The FMWR usually puts on this tour on a Saturday once/month.  You can check dates at or “Like” their Facebook page, USAG Yongsan, FMWR.  They post the tour information in the “A Glance at Yongsan” pamphlet as well as the Community News magazine.

Or, here is the information if you want to venture there on your own!

Opening Hours


(Closed on Mondays)

Ticket Prices

8,000 won per child / 10,000 per adult

Tractor Ride:  4,000 per child / 5,000 per adult

Horse Riding:  10,000 won

Farm 2 pass (admission + tractor):  10,000 per child / 13,000 per adult

Land 2 pass (admission + horse riding):  16,000 per child / 18,000 per adult

Land 3 pass (admission + horse riding + tractor):  19,000 per child / 22,000 per adult

Getting There


From Seoul Express Bus Terminal or Nambu Bus Terminal take an intercity bus bound for Anseong and then take a taxi to Anseong Farmland (안성팜랜드)


From Yongsan area:  Take the Highway 1 direction Busan. Take the Anseong Exit and follow the route 38 direction to Anseong city. At the first intersection just under the highway 40 take right and follow the sign for Anseong Farmland.

From Humphrey’s area:  Take Highway 38, towards Anseong City.  Bypass the toll road and continue on 38.  Follow the signs!


Web: (All in Korean) Phone: 031-8053-7979

Address: 451 Sindu-ri, Gongdo-eup, Anseong City, Gyeonggi Province

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