Hwanghak-dong Flea Market


On our way home from playing at Dibo Village this weekend, we stopped to shop for nothing in particular at the Hwanghak-dong (or Dongmyo) Flea Market. Haven’t heard of it? I’m sure you’re not alone, as it’s not marked with any signs and doesn’t have an online “site” like other markets – it’s also called my multiple names, depending on where you look for information. Once you’re there, though, you’ll know it! You can find a little bit of everything there, as you will see in the pictures I took below.

There are stores along the way selling new products, fresh produce, and general groceries. I scored some tasty apples and onions from this lovely lady.

Korea--Hwanghak flea market--Koreaye.com

The big draw, however, is for the true “flea market” finds – used electronics, clothing, old tapes and records, telephones, decorative items, herbs, a little of this and that.

There are vendors selling antiques right next to someone selling socks; the next booth has men’s pants organized by size and after that was a piece of heaven for bicycling enthusiasts. We found a nice little green pot to take home and my son really wanted one of these metal cars.

Korea--Hwanghak flea market cars--Koreaye.com

One stall we came across had large boxes of dried meal worms…not sure what they are used for, but I know I did not go home with any of them that day!

Korea--Hwanghak flea market meal worms--Koreaye.com

Want to make a day of it? This market is right next to a section of the Cheonggyecheon Stream (walk, walk, walk!), the Dongmyo Shrine, and is one block from the Dibo Village kids cafe, located in Building 102 of the Venezia Mega Mall.

Korea--Hwanghak flea market--Koreaye.com

Korea--Hwanghak flea market vendor--Koreaye.com

Korea--Hwanghak flea market music--Koreaye.com

Dates/Hours: Open daily, approximately 10 am – 8 pm

Address: 250 Sungin 2(i)-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul

GPS Coordinates: 37.57295787728061, 127.01785060863722


By subway, Dongmyo Station (Line 1 or Line 6) – take Exit 3, turn left at the top of the exit stairs (going back towards the subway elevator), and then turn right at the corner (onto Jong-ro 58-gil). Then there you are!

On Google Maps:


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