Namaste Indian Restaurant


I. Love. Food. Which correlates with my loving to eat as well. One type of food that is my ultimate weakness besides Cajun is Indian. For the love of all things spicy and ethnic, I can eat Indian almost everyday of the week. Luckily here in Seoul there are plenty of places to suit my fancy. My husband decided to take me to one Indian restaurant that he tried in Busan that also has a location here in Seoul!

The name: Namaste. The place right next door to Butterfinger Pancakes in Gangnam! So easy to find.

Prices..typical ..I have yet to find a really cheap Indian restaurant except for one place I went to in Itaewon ..that I can no longer find :/ .

Anywho, we ordered Set A and Set B both 23,000 won a piece. They are full course meals that can feed two to three people a piece. On some days they also offer a 2 for 1 varies however.

Some Indian Yogurt Drink.. Yummy and Pretty.


My kids LOVED it! ( they also love spicy food) and it was all gone nothing left to take home.

Korea--Namaste Indian

The décor was gorgeous and the restaurant has English-speaking staff so ordering is a breeze.

They put us in a room that allowed us to close the glass door so that our kids would not disturb others…another score!

Korea--Namaste dining

It was a nice outing. However the hubster and I agreed that it is more for a date night than a bring your whole family to dinner type of place. We will stick to our main spot for Indian with the kids next time.

The address to the one we went to that is right next door to Butterfinger Pancakes is below:

Cheongdam  (This one is about 15 min from Hannam)

85-6 Chungdam-dong, Gangham-gu Seoul, Korea

TEL: 02) 549.4667

Other Seoul Locations:


306-4, Imun-Dong, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul Korea

TEL: 02) 969.2286


36-2, Sungin-Dong, Jongo-gu, Seoul, Korea

Phone: 02) 2232.2286

Hours:  Open 10am-10pm daily

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