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Touch Oriental Massage |


Sometimes we all just need to escape and relax. A massage is a quick way to leave everything behind and be pampered for a while. Leave your cell phone and kids behind while you take some time to recharge!

Touch Oriental Massage |

My husband and I recently had a chance to escape to Touch Oriental a massage spa in Landstuhl. A colleague recommended it to me and I thought a couple’s massage would be a fun Valentine’s Day present. I was easily able to get a gift certificate in February and we finally found the time two months later to redeem it.

The massage package we enjoyed was the Time For Two package. It is a seasonal promotion, but it has been around for almost a year so maybe it’s not so seasonal! The package is advertised as “Full body massage for two; A balanced combination of Thai and Swedish massage. For her includes face massage; for him includes shoulder-neck massage.” It was €85.00 for 60 minutes.

The relaxation started at the door and we were warmly greeted and asked for our gift certificate. We were also asked if we would prefer the face massage or the shoulder-neck massage. The entire spa was decorated with Thai furniture, wall art, statues and other items. Soft music was playing, candles were lit and everything smelled wonderful. I think you could lower your stress level by simply walking in the door!

We were asked to sit, offered warm, moist hand towels and soon we were taken to the massage room. The room was actually two mirror-image rooms with retractable walls that were open. We were told to undress and lay on our bellies. Soon two masseuses entered and our sixty minutes of massage bliss began.

Touch Oriental Massage |

The massage was a neat blend of traditional Swedish mixed with Thai massage. The Swedish massage elements included a lot of deep rubbing and kneading, while the Thai elements used the masseuses’ forearms and some stretching of our arms and legs. Afterwards both of us commented that the masseuses found our aches and pains like a magnet! My husband had run the day before and his masseuse concentrated on his calves. I seem to always have a sore tendon on my right shoulder blade and my masseuse found it right away and spent extra time working on that area. All of this without a word spoken about either!

After working on our legs, arms, back and shoulders while we lay on our stomachs, we, in unison, were asked to roll over onto our backs. This request came in German, “Umkippen, bitte.” It was a new word for my German vocabulary, but easy to figure out. From there they worked more on our legs, arms and shoulders. For the last portion of the massage we were asked to sit up and they used a hot towel and massaged our neck, shoulders and head. If either of us would have selected a face massage, this is where we would have received it. This final portion was my husband’s favorite as they really pressed, sometimes with their elbows, and worked out the kinks. After the massage, we were left to dress and then were politely shown back to the lobby.

Touch Oriental Massage |

We really enjoyed the entire experience and as we left we were making plans to come back and try other packages. The front desk staff were kind and happy to help with purchasing the gift certificate, making the appointment and checking us in. They spoke English well, their printed material and website also have English sides.

There were a few minor changes from other massages I’ve had. We did not fill out any paperwork about sore areas, medical conditions, how much pressure we preferred and there was no discussion of these things either. On the website, you are directed to tell the front desk and masseuse about any preferences. And there is always the issue of undressing and underwear. At other places I’ve been given disposable underwear or been asked to undress totally. Here we were told to keep our underwear on. Neither of these points bothered us at all, just wanting you to know what to expect.

Touch Oriental Massage |

Touch Oriental has a great website. You can book appointments, order gift certificates (add that to your next wish list and your State-side family can email you the certificate!), and see what kind of treatments and packages are available. On their homepage you can also see what kind of specials they have for the month or season.

Next time I think we will go for the Coconut Paradise, or take a mid-week break with their Wednesday neck and shoulder special, or the Romantic Ritual… okay, so we might be going back more than once!

Touch Oriental Massage |

Tips For Your Trip:



Touch Oriental is located inside the Cubo Sauna in Landstuhl. The outside of the building is understated and you won’t see a sign for Touch Oriental. Just go inside the front doors and you will easily find them.

Kaiserstrasse 126

66849 Landstuhl


There is a large, free parking lot in the front of the building.


Monday – Saturday: 1000-2000

Sunday and Holidays: 1000-1900

Payments and Contact Information:

Payments are taken with Euro cash, EC cards, Master Card and Visa.





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