Snake Castle (Yılankale)



One of our favorite local places to visit is Yilankale, better known as ‘Snake Castle.’ I like taking visitors and newbies here as well. Snake Castle is very easy to find (unlike other places in Adana), it is relatively close to the base (only about a 35 minute drive) and the drive DSC00787itself is easy with little traffic.

Snake Castle is truly a site to see and the closer you approach the castle the more magnificent it seems. There is a single winding road that leads to the top of the hill/bottom of the castle. This area at the bottom of the castle is where I usually take first-time visitors because there is an amazing view of the local landscape. It is breath-taking to look out among all the farmland and mountains in the distant.

Visitors that wish to cDSC00795limb Snake Castle can do so. There is a paved path that leads about half way up the castle, but once this path ends the difficulty of the hike increases tremendously. You have to work your way through trees, shrubs and vines while watching your foot placing on the uneven ground. There are lots of rocks and ledges and you will spend a good deal of your time using your hands to help you climb. Don’t forget that you have to climb down and that the climb down is even trickier than the climb up. Be sure to wear heavy pants like jeans because the best and safest way to get down involves a lot of sitting and sliding. I didn’t make it all the way to the top because I was toting a toddler, but my husband did. He said the view from the top was amazing! Now my 6 year old son is determined to make it to the top too.

So, whether you’re there just to view the scene from the parking area (no climbing involved), or up for a little hike on the paved path, OR are ready to do some serious climbing to the top – Snake Castle is a “two-thumbs up” outing that the whole family can enjoy. And I always get ‘oooohs and awwwws’ from visitors when I take them there.



I should mention that there is a little restaurant/convenient store by the parking area. I always grab a sparkling flavored water and snack before our drive back to the base. Be sure to ask the price of each item before you purchase it since it’s not labeled. To ask how much something is in Turkish say, “neck-a-dar.”

For more information about Snake Castle and its history click here.

Why is it called ‘Snake Castle?’ Click here for the answer!

How challenging is the climb to the top? Click here to see what others think.

Driving Directions: map Take a right out of the base front gate into the Alley. Take a left onto the D-400. Continue on the D-400 for about 25-30 minutes and then you will see the castle on the top of a hill to your right. Turn right on a little road with a few signs next to it, one will say Yilankale.

Coordinates: N 37°00.674  E 35°44.891

How about you? Did you make it to the top? 

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2 thoughts on “Snake Castle (Yılankale)

  1. Kathy Franco says:

    I have been here several times. The hike, the climb, the drive there is worth it. You might even get to see some sheep. Be warned though, with sheep comes a Shepard and his dog. One of the dogs do not like cars. Just keep driving and you will out run it. Or wait for the Shepard to save the day.
    Many secret rooms and stairs.


  2. Erin Skinner says:

    We have also visited Snake Castle and I agree – it’s a great trip! The view, even just from the little restaurant is beautiful. I also didn’t make it to the top because I was wearing our infant. My husband and 2-year old made it further but not quite to the top either. It’s worth going even if you’re not up for an intense hike. You can get close enough to see it well and get a fun snack at the cafe.


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