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On one of our many trips to Ziyapasha Street in New Adana, we stumbled upon a brand new place – Cherry Berry Frozen Yogurt Bar! My husband and I stopped in our tracks, looked at each other with wide eyes and mouthed “No way!” Well, “yes way;” it’s true. Adana now has a frozen yogurt place and it taste just like the frozen yogurt places in the states!

When I looked it up online, it turns out that Cherry Berry is an American company located all over the US. The store here in Adana is new, clean, fresh and contemporary. There are tables and chairs to sit outside on the terrace or inside the shop. They even have a table and chairs for tots (with toys)! The only difference between this shop and those in the states is that it is really not a ‘self-serve’ bar. The yogurt and toppings are located behind a glass partition so you will need to point and order what you’d like. In all the times that we’ve been there, there has always been someone that speaks English so we have never had a problem ordering.



You can choose a small or large cup to fill with frozen yogurt. They have vanilla, chocolate, white chocolate, strawberry, mango, blackberry and blueberry. There are pictures of each flavor up on the wall so it’s super easy to point and let the servers know what you want. The toppings bar is excellent! They have gummies, cookies, candy, nuts, chocolate, and all kinds of fruit, just to name a few. My kiddos love adding as many toppings as they can and it always makes the servers smile.

The prices are awesome and so much cheaper than in the states. We paid about 18TL for 2 small cups of frozen yogurt, piled high with toppings, and a bottle of water. That’s less than $10! I’m sure it would have even been cheaper if my kiddos went a little lighter on the toppings; but what’s the fun in that?! I believe that they weigh your cup of frozen yogurt to determine the cost, but I’ve never asked so I’m not sure how this works. They have the prices posted as well, but I’m not very good at reading Turkish.


Cherry Berry also serves cold drinks, cay (Turkish tea), waffles and cookies. On your next trip to New Adana, Cherry Berry is a must!

Parking is available right in front of the store. There is a parking attendant that will help you find a space, direct you to it and then place a receipt on your windshield. When you return to your car, he will pull the receipt to see how long you parked and then charge you accordingly. We parked for about an hour and the cost was 2TL ($1).

DSC03486   DSC03484

Payment: Visa, Mastercard or TL

Website: Cherry Berry

Address: Kurtuluş Mh., Ramazanoğlu Caddesi, 01030 Adana, Turkey

Directions: map Take a right out of the base front gate. Take a right onto the D400. Vere Right by the Optimum Mall exit (before the large mosque). Go through the round-about and then take a right at the next light onto Ataturk Cd. Cherry Berry is located on the left side of the street so you will need to go all the way to the end of the street and go around the round-about (making a U-turn). After the U-turn, it is located on the 3rd street on your right. It is on a side street, but you will be able to see it from Ataturk Cd.

Google Coordinates: 36.99872, 35.32319

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