Bohinj, Slovenia


Bohinj, Slovenia |

This post is a little late but starting in March the ski season starts to diminish. Since I have a husband who is an avid skier he was determined to go skiing one more time before the season ends. We looked into some big skiing areas in Austria and Italy but since we kind of waited until the last minute to plan, it was very difficult to find a place to stay. Since my husband can ski just about anything, he is now on a mission so ski in as many countries as possible. So with that being said we decided to pick Slovenia! The ski resort we went to was called Vogel Ski Center. This area is smaller than the big famous ski areas like kitzbuhel or Cortina but it still had some great runs. The main run was a blue and I could actually relax and enjoy the skiing unlike usual where I’m stressing out the entire time down the mountain. It did get a little windy on our first day of skiing but we still managed to have two full days of skiing with great weather. I actually got some sunburn because it was so sunny!

Bohinj, Slovenia |

The ski area had a few small restaurants that serve the typical skiing cuisine; pasta, schnitzel, sausage, soups and of course pommes (fries), oh and don’t forget the beer! Prices were reasonable for food and the ski passes. The only thing to do in this small town is ski in the winter or hike in the summer. We stayed at a small bed and breakfast, Vila Park, and were the only people staying there (end of ski season). The lady who owned it was very nice and spoke great English and provided a great breakfast. The town we actually stayed in was called Ukanc but the whole area with a few tiny towns is known as Bohinj. We ended up eating at the same restaurant twice, that’s how small it is.

Bohinj, Slovenia |

Bohinj isn’t just for skiing. As I said, during the summer it becomes popular with hikers. There is also a large beautiful lake, Bohinjsko Jezero. If you enjoy the outdoors this is a beautiful place to visit. It’s very quiet and you can get away from the hustle and bustle of the bigger cities.

Bohinj, Slovenia |

Bohinj, Slovenia |

Not too far from Ukanc is Slovenia’s most famous waterfall, Savica. The waterfall is not open year round but there is no one there to stop you… There was a sign that said “pass at your own risk” so we went for it! It says it’s about a 20 minute walk to the waterfall which is pretty true. What they don’t tell you is that you’re hiking up a pretty steep mountain and that 20 minutes starts to feel like forever. We managed to make it there just fine and enjoy the view all by ourselves.

To get to Bohinj you have to drive right by Lake Bled so you could easily make a day trip one of Slovenia’s most famous places. Also, on the way, there is construction being done in a tunnel. They have to close down one side of the Autobahn for 30 minutes to allow cars to pass through then they reverse the flow of traffic. Just be prepared for some slow traffic just south of Villach, Austria.

Note: Michelle originally posted this article on her site, but has graciously shared it with us here as well.


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