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Phantaisaland is an amusement park in Bruhl, Germany which is just outside of Cologne, Germany. It’s about 1.5 hours from Spangdahlem AB. It’s a neat park with themed areas; China Town, Mexico, Mystery, Fantasy, Africa, & Berlin. There are attractions, shows, food & shops in each area and are themed to that area. Our favorite areas were Mexico & Berlin.

I will say that if you have problems walking up hills and stairs this park may be a bit tricky. There are routes that can be used without the stairs, but unfortunately you can’t avoid the hills. This is not somewhere we could take visiting family members who can’t do a lot of walking, but it was fine for our family. Also another great thing about this park is that you can take food & drinks in with you, we took in water but planned on buying food while there. We noticed that the rides lasted much longer than rides at US parks. Also, maps are available when you enter the park and they have English versions as well; look for the British flag.

For our family of 5 it was €208.00 for all of us. The adults and two teen-aged sons were €45.00. Bea’s ticket was €22 because she was under 12. But if you have a child who is 4-11 make sure you take their ID as they will not give you the kid rate if your child is taller than the marked stick if you do not have an ID. Luckily we had her military ID with us and was able to use it.

To get there we searched for Phantasialand in our GPS and chose the one with the parking box next to it, or use the address below. The GPS took us there with no issues. However the road that you use to get there is a pain because there is a speed trap camera on the road and the speed goes from 100 KM/Hour, to 70, to 100, to 70, over and over…super annoying. We saw the camera…it’s about 47 k from Phantasialand but didn’t see anyone get flashed by it. Coming back it’s further from Phantasialand and more toward Spang.

The parking area is easy to find because they had people directing us to the Mystery Entrance parking. We got there at 10:30 am and were able to get a spot close to the entrance. Make sure you have €4 to pay for parking on the way out.

I had heard the best time to go is on the American holidays so that it won’t be crowded, so we went on a Friday that was a base down day in April. While there were people there it was NOT crowded at all and the longest we had to wait was 5 minutes for a ride. Well, until the last ride when Mr. B & the kids wanted to do the River Quest on the way out…I think that was everyone’s plan…and it was a 15 min wait, which really still isn’t bad. We were there from 10:30 am until closing at 6 pm and were able to hit all the rides, many we rode several times. Next time we visit it should be faster since we know the ones we don’t need to bother with after trying them all this time. We did not watch any of the shows this time.

Phantasialand |

Walking in from the Mystery entrance you enter Mystery which only has 2 attractions, we did one on the way out (River Quest) and skipped the other.

After the Mystery area you enter China Town. The Fenj Ju Palace was our least liked attraction of all, and will be skipped next time. It was really boring and I’m not sure the whole point of it, no one thought it was worth the time. The Geister Rikscha is a ‘ghost’ train underground so the the younger kids in our group didn’t go, but Mr. B said it was boring & not scary. The older boys weren’t impressed, LOL!

Phantasialand |

Next up is Mexico where we spent a good deal of time! The Colorado Adventure is a fun & fast roller coaster (with no large drops, cuz I’m not a fan of those) that we rode many times! We went with some friends and the youngest in our group was 8 years old and he loved it. It was ‘fun’ enough for  our teen-aged sons and even Mr. B & I to enjoy as well.

Bea rode the Tikal MANY times…even talked Mr. B into riding with her the first time. I love her face because she kept riding it over and over, LOL!! It took them up and dropped them down over and over, it was hilarious watching them.

Phantasialand |

Mr. B & the rest of the crew (minus me & the 8 year old) rode the Chiapa water log ride on the way out, which was around 5 pm. We watched them scream on the way down, LOL. This was the attraction that had the longest line, I think because it was new…the wait was going to be an hour BUT they had a Quick Pass so they were able to use it here (more about that later). If you want to do this one, I would suggest heading to it as SOON as you get in the park. My crew didn’t get really wet, so that was great. We were watching people and no one was coming off it soaked.

Phantasialand |

As for the food we found amazing churros at Churro Mexico, and yes I’m kicking myself because I took ZERO pics of the food…I know so unlike me! We also found that food prices were really reasonable which shocked us because we are not used to paying reasonable prices at an amusement park, LOL! For 3 churros it was only €2.60, I mean in what US park can you get something like that for that price?! Pizza was also €2.60 per slice and tasty, according to the friend with us. They also had waffles – I was SO excited!! It was €3.50 for a waffle with hot cherries & cream! For lunch we hit Kaiser Snack in the Berlin area and got 3 sausages (which were a long sausage in a roll), 3 fries, and 3 sodas for €25.00 that was enough for 4 people. Also note the sodas were expensive at Kaiser Snack and could be found for much cheaper at other places. My friend also tried out the chicken, veggies & noodles in China Town, and said it was good. She ‘thinks’ it was around €5.00.

Of course we could not leave the park without having some Eis (ice cream)! It was €1.50 for 1 scoop or €2.50 for 2 scoops. Try getting that at any US park for even close to that price!

Phantasialand |

After Mexico & eating we hit Berlin, this guy was entertaining to watch ride around.

Phantasialand |

Our son & Mr. B went to ride Tolocan and Mr. B did not see the ride before he rode. Had he seen it, he may have changed his mind! My other son and I were extremely entertained watching them on this ride…while Boo had a smile on his face the whole time, Mr. B’s was more of a look of terror, LOL!

While we were watching the guys Bea & her friend rode the swings, she loved that it went over these foundations of water. I thought it was neat as well.

The Mau-au-Chocolate was a ride kinda like Buzz Lightyear at Disney, except longer and I thought it was boring. The kids seemed to enjoy it but no one wanted to ride it again. Apparently it’s a hot attraction on crowded days because you’re only allowed to use a Quick Pass once here. So if your there on a busy day and want to ride it I suggest you head over there early and get it done.

The favorite attraction in Berlin was the fun house, Das verruckte Hotel Tartuff, we all went through it and had fun! Mr. B just about bit it on the sliding rollers and I ran into myself in the mirror maze, but we sure had tons of laughs! There is also a double decker carousel in this area as well.

Phantasialand |

Next we headed to Mexico so the the group (minus me & the younger 2) could ride the roller coaster Black Mamba, line was so fast the boys were able to ride it twice quickly.

The younger 2 entertained themselves at Djembe beating on the drums while they waited.

Phantasialand |

Our last area to check out was Fantasy, although if you have smaller kids this may be where you spend a large part of your time. We don’t, so we just hit the highlights and moved on.

Phantasialand |

Phantasialand |

Watch out for the characters here, they are feisty. The dragon all but tackled me and my friend thought it was hilarious and had to get a pic and then this green lady jumped in as well!

There are some great coasters here Winja’s Fear & Force, 2 coasters same ride with slightly different tracks. We split up the first time and we took Fear and the other half took Force. Lucky us we picked the one that broke down! So we were stuck for a bit on the roller coaster. We were high enough that if we would’ve tried to have gotten out and fell it would’ve been an ouchie for sure. But luckily they fixed it in about 5 minutes and then the coaster was back in action. When we got off each of us in our party of 4 was given a Quick Pass to use, which is how they skipped the line on the log flume. These were also some of our favorites and rode by all. They are also located inside, which is great if it’s raining.

Two of the rides are located up a steep hill, Temple of the Night Hawk and Hollywood Tour. Besides those two rides, there isn’t much else up there so it’s best if you do the Hollywood Tour first and then the Temple of the Night Hawk because the exit for the Temple is back at the bottom of the hill! We didn’t know that so we did the Temple first and had to climb back up the hill to get to the Hollywood one and then walk back down the hill! I thought about taking the Temple ride down, but we had someone in our party who had a hard time on stairs. There were a ton of stairs to get on the ride. That was another weird thing about this park, there were often stairs just to ride to the rides. I guess it speaks to the Germans taking walking as a serious hobby and a few flights of stairs are not daunting to them. 😉

Then we went out to the maze, which is across from these weird houses. The maze is for little kids so Bea & her friend enjoyed it but the older boys just waited with us.

As we walked back through the park we decided to hit up a few of our favorites (Fun house, Colorado,  and Tikal for the younger 2) and hit the River Quest on the way out.

Overall we had a great time. The kids all had fun and it was a great experience. The park was clean and the staff was great as well. I was thrilled at the food costs and glad that you also have the option to bring in your own stuff as well. We seen one family there with a wagon full of drinks…I guess they were gonna be real thirsty, LOL! I’d say the park is worth checking out.

Have you visited Phantasialand? What did you think?!

Phantasialand |

Tips For Your Trip:


Berggeiststraße 31-41, 50321 Brühl, Germany


Children under 4 : Free
(on production of valid ID or a copy of their birth certificate)
(if you have no valid ID you have to pay a day pass for children aged 4 to 11)

Day pass for children aged 4 to 11: €22.00
(on production of valid ID or a copy of their birth certificate)
(if you have no valid ID you have to pay a Adult day pass (ages 12+))

Adult day pass (ages 12+) : €45.00

There are some neat deals: Free passes on your birthday, €22,00 admission for pregnant women (you’ve got to prove that one too with a Mutterpass!) We got a special deal: If you visit by April 30th you get another ticket to visit again by November 2nd, 2014. It seems like they run similar specials often (there’s a similar one running until the end of May 2014). Be sure to check the Phantasialand website to see what’s available for the time of your visit.

Opening Days/Times:

The park has a winter season and a summer season. It is closed for most of November and January. For specifics visit the Phanasialand website.

Note: Mrs. B originally posted this article on her site, but has graciously shared it with us here as well. 

2 thoughts on “Phanstaisaland

  1. Steven says:

    I’ve been to Phantasialand twice. Maus au Chocolat is quite fun, and I liked both of the Winja rides. Black Mamba may be among my favorite coasters *ever.* Temple of the Night Hawk was a nice relaxing mellow cool-down ride, for a coaster.

    You couldn’t pay me enough to get on Tolocan though. 😀

    My own thoughts on the park here:

    Have you been to Europapark?


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