Subway Restaurant – Sandwiches Like From Home!


Recently, someone posted a message on Facebook that there is a Subway restaurant in Adana. I had the same reaction as many of the commenters to the post – “no way!” With a general idea of where Subway was located, my family and I headed out to find this place that very weekend. It took a little exploration on our part and one stop to ask for directions, but sure enough we found it! And it was so worth it!

Subway is located in the New Adana area over by the lake, about a 30 minute drive from base. It is a very small outdoor shop that you can easily miss if you’re not looking for it. It’s close to the street corner, so once you go through the light be sure to keep your eyes peeled because it is immediately on the right. We actually passed the restaurant and then turned right on the next street (and then made another right) so we could park behind Subway. We then walked through the parking lot of a couple apartment buildings to get to the restaurant out front.

There are about 10 tables outside on a covered terrace to sit and eat at. We had our son save us a seat while we ordered our sandwiches. The menu is very similar to the stateside Subways that we are all accustomed to; except they don’t serve pork of course. They do have BBQ chicken, crab salad, turkey, roast beef and other meats that I couldn’t identify. They also have a selection of breads and you can choose a 6” or 12” sandwich. This is really interesting to hear them say since they use the metric system in Turkey. Subway has all of the toppings that are available stateside; lettuce, tomatoes, olives, peppers, cheese, dressings, oils, mayonnaise, salt and pepper, etc. They will also ask if you would like your sandwich toasted.

I noticed that the Adana Subway didn’t have two things that we are accustomed to having in the states; soup or chips. They did however, have cookies which made my kids happy. For drinks, they offer self-serve from the cooler – sodas, water, and carbonated flavored water (my favorite!).

Prices were comparable to the states. We paid 43TL ($20) for 4 sandwiches (three 6” and one 12”), 2 cookies and 4 drinks. I thought that we received more meat and cheese on our sandwiches than they give you in the states; which was a bonus.

There was one employee at Subway that spoke great English (she use to live in North Carolina) and she was more than happy to help us. I think she actually liked getting to utilize her English with us. If you visit Subway and there is not a worker there that speaks English, you won’t have a problem ordering what you want. There is a large menu on the back wall that you can point to, as well as a bread menu to point and choose your bread. Plus, all of the meats and toppings are right in front of you (behind glass), which makes it easy to point and nod your head.

Overall, Subway in Adana was a nice outing for our family and we will definitely go back for more sandwiches that remind us of ‘home!’

Subway Sandwich Restaurant – Adana, Turkey

Website: Click here

Address: Mahfesığmaz, Turgut Özal Blv. 43 C, 01170 Çukurova/Adana, Turkey

Coordinates: N 37°02.289’ E035°18.895’

Directions: map Make a right out of the base front gate. Make a right onto the D400. Make a right at the light onto Sezai Karakoc Blv (following the green signs towards Mersin – there is a VW dealership on the corner). Follow this road all the way to the highway entrance (the base will be to your right and you will pass the back gate entrance). Vere left when the road splits and this will put you on the highway. Drive for about 10 minutes on the highway and after you go over the bridge/water you will take the next exit onto Muhendisler Cd. Follow this road until it ends and then make a left. Then at the roundabout, take the 3rd exit (basically a left turn) onto Adnan Kahveci Blv. Follow that road a little ways until you hit another roundabout, where you will take the 1st exit (basically a right turn) onto Turgut Ozal. Subway is located on this street and will be on your left side. You may need to go past it and make a U-turn to come back to it. If there is no parking available along that main street, make a right onto the back streets and you will be able to park behind Subway (this is what we had to do).

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