Adana Animal Shelter


Adana Buyuksehir Belediyesi DOHAYKO Hayvan Barinagi, for short – DOHAYKO Animal Shelter, is located very close to Cukurova University in Balcali. The shelter is open every day, 24 hours, and they accept visitors between 10:00 and 17:00. They house and care for approximately 800 cats and dogs. There are almost 100 workers who work by shift within the shelter and outside the shelter. They also care for as many street and injured animals as they can.

The shelter’s income is provided by the municipality. However, the more people (like us) that donate to the shelter, the more they can provide help for the animals; especially the street animals which are quite a problem in Turkey. The shelter accepts just about any donations that wish to be made, such as:

  • Cat or Dog Food
  • Pasta
  • Bedding (sheets, blankets, cushions, mattresses, comforters, pillows, or any other textile)
  • Newspapers
  • Milk
  • Latex gloves
  • Medicine
  • Syringes

The animals are divided into different categories and fenced areas such as sick, young (and not neutered), disabled, mothers, quarantined, etc. For safety reasons, visitors are not allowed to go into the fenced-in areas that house the animals; however, you can see and interact with some of the animals through the fences.

Visitors help support the shelter’s mission and encourage the workers to keep the shelter clean and healthy for the animals. I hope you consider visiting, adopting a new family member, or donating to this shelter! Together we can make a difference for these animals.


DOHAYKO Animal Shelter

Manager: Vet. Ali Yakan

(Vet. Ramazan Ozdemir speaks English and is available on weekdays)

Phone: 0322 338 6225

Parking: The shelter is located on a dead-end street; therefore parking is not a problem.

GPS Coordinates: Latitude 37.05972 Longitude 35.37549

Driving Directions: map (see picture at left for turn-by-turn directions)

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2 thoughts on “Adana Animal Shelter

  1. Local Manager says:

    I took my kids out here this past Saturday and had no problem getting there with the coordinates you provided in the post. I brought a huge box of dog biscuits, a large bad of dog food and a large bag of cat food to donate. Since I was there on Saturday, there was no one who spoke English, but I had no problem communicating with the staff. They unloaded my car of the donations and were very appreciative. I had to go into the office and sign a paper – they also gave me a receipt for my donation. After that, they took my kids and I around the facility to see the animals. My kids especially loved the kittens and puppies. They were even able to hold a few. I also brought a small box of bite-sized dog treats and we were able to give them to the dogs and puppies through the fence. It was such a great experience.


  2. Jena says:

    I just want to say that if you do adopt an animal, they do need certain shots done and some are required before PCSing out of Turkey. ( I am just mentioning it because I want to see this animals get a forever home :))


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