Okinii Sushi Restaurant, Wiesbaden


Okinii Sushi, Wiesbaden | www.germanyja.com

“You had me at ‘hello.’” Or in this case, “You had me at ‘all you can eat sushi.’”

We were visiting Wiesbaden and recently and had heard good things about Okinii (It’s slang “thank you” in Japanese) and decided to give it a try. It’s an all-you-can-eat, order-on an-iPad, come-hungry place. We came away very full and satisfied.

okinii exterior Wiesbaden | www.germanyja.com

Okinii is a small chain with locations in Düsseldorf, Wiesbaden, Saarbrücken and Köln (Cologne). In Saarbrücken the restaurant is called “Oishii” (meaning delicious) instead of Okinii.

It’s called all you can eat, but there are a few rules. Here are the rules of the game: You have two and a half hours to eat. You order your rounds of food from an iPad at your table. You can order 8 items per person for lunch and 5 items per person for dinner per round. After you place your order for a round a timer starts and will only let you place your next round order once the timer has run out. If they feel like you are wasting food, you will be charged for excessive food left on the table.

okinii, Wiesbaden | www.germanyja.com

If you can keep ordering rounds for your entire two and a half hours, more power to you! You should get some kind of prize! We tapped out and felt as large as sumo wrestlers after only an hour and a half.

We visited for lunch during the week. The lunch menu is smaller than the dinner menu, but the price is smaller too. We arrived as the doors opened and there was a small line to get in. We didn’t have a reservation, but others with larger groups did. There was a steady stream of people coming in the entire time we were there, but one was turned away. I would highly suggest making reservations if you are coming anytime with a large group, or with any size group for dinner.

okinii, Wiesbaden | www.germanyja.com

The wait staff all spoke English and explained the iPad ordering system to us and changed the iPad itself into English for us. They were very friendly and did a great job of keeping our table filled with food, but clean of empty dishes. We ordered our drinks directly from our waiter when we were seated, but you can order them from the iPad as well. (Drinks are not included in the price.)

On to the good stuff: the food! The menu starts with all kinds of sushi. There are rolls and nigiri. On the iPad there is a picture of how many pieces will come with one order. For most of the rolls an order means two or three pieces. For nigiri, an order was one piece.

Okinii Sushi Restaurant, Wiesbaden | www.germanyja.com

Besides sushi, there are also sections of the menu with salads, soups, noodles, rice, warm dishes, side orders and specials. The side orders with dishes like sashimi are extra. Some of the specials are extra, but some are included. These specials are not always available. While we were there one of the specials was a fried Okonomiyaki on a stick. If you’ve ever lived in or visited Japan, you will recognize this carnival food. It brought me right back to the streets of Japan and the wonderful vendor stalls at local carnivals! Oishi!

There are extra menu items that are only available at dinner. These were some of the more complicated rolls or higher end nigiri. The price of dinner goes up from lunch and this is one of the reasons why.

Okinii Sushi, Wiesbaden | www.germanyja.com

Tips For Your Trip:


Lunch: Daily: 1200-1500 (Kitchen closes at 1430)
Dinner: Sunday – Thursday: 1800 – 2330 (Kitchen closes at 2300)
Friday & Saturday: 1730-2400 (Kitchen closes at 2330)


Monday – Friday Adults: €13.90
Saturday, Sunday & Holiday Adults: €15.90
Monday – Thursday Youth ages 4-12: €7.50
Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Holiday Youth ages 4-12: €8.50
Children under 4: Free

Monday – Thrusday Adults: €24.90
Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Holiday Adults: €25.90
Monday – Thursday Youth ages 4-12: €13.50
Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Holiday Youth ages 4-12: €13.90
Children under 4: Free

The prices above are for the all you can eat menus. Drinks are separate and there are some specials that are extra.


Reservations are highly recommended, especially for dinner and groups. You can reserve a table by either calling or on their website.

Phone: 681-9066-876
Website reservations 


Taunusstraße 22,
Wiesbaden 65183


There is limited street-side parking in front of the restaurant. There is a parking garage at the Casino only a few blocks away.

Okinii website

For a similar restaurant in Kaiserslautern, try Kahori.

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