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CONTRIBUTED BY LARISSA KOERSCHNER Horse Ranch   There is a horse ranch here in Adana that just recently opened to the public. It’s called Güney Binicilik – South Horse Riding and it’s only 15 minutes from base. Yakup Ozbay and Sibel Ozbay own the ranch and have a small weekend house located on the property. They decided to share their beautiful ranch with others and opened it to the public about 6 months ago.   Most of the horses are retired race horses and make for an excellent ride. There are also 2 ponies on the ranch as well. All of the horses are located in stables with half-doors so people can interact with the animals. My family and I loved walking along the stables and petting the different horses. We even got to feed them some sugar cubes. Horse Ranch          Horse Ranch The ranch has grown in popularity and now offers riding lessons to children and adults. A 40 minute lesson cost 40TL and needs to be scheduled in advance to ensure a trainer is available. To make a reservation you can call or email the ranch (information is provided below). I know multiple adults and children that take lessons on a weekly basis and really enjoy it. They have told me how well-kept the horses are and how knowledgeable the trainers are. I have honestly only heard good things about this facility.   The ranch is most popular on the weekends when adults and children can come and ride for 10TL. Adults are paired-up with a horse and children are paired-up with a pony. My son was very excited to ride a pony so we went upstairs to the outdoor restaurant and purchased a ticket. Horse Ranch         Horse Ranch   We then brought him down to the front of the stables where there is a little stool to mount the horses. After waiting our turn, they put a helmet on his head and placed him on Bonçuk; a beautiful and docile pony. The instructor led the horse to a covered area where he escorted my son around in circles a few times.   On the weekends, the ranch offers a full menu at their outdoor, covered restaurant. They serve the best homemade lemonade (pronounced “lemon-ada”). Yum!   Güney Binicilik is a great outing for the entire family. The grounds are beautiful with plenty of room to run and play, or cozy-up in the shade for a picnic. The ranch is also home to bunnies, puppies, and ducklings so there is plenty to see and do for young children. The best part is that it’s free to explore and pet the animals! 12/2014 Note from Tuti Hawkins: “The ranch has installed a playground for the kids and they have also remodeled the restaurant upstairs.  We took my daughter there on Sunday and the there were a lot of people eating at the restaurant upstairs.  The food must be delicious!!  We didn’t eat there but will definitely do so the next time we go.” Adana Horse Ranch Adana Horse Ranch   Güney Binicilik Hours: Tuesday – Sunday, 9:30-Evening (Closed Mondays) The ranch is lit for night riding as well. Website: Email: (English) Phone: 0533 470 03 27 (English) Address: Alihocali Mahallesi Kanal 3. Cadde No. 94/A Directions: map Make a right out of the base front gate. Make a left onto the D400. Make a right at your first light. Follow this road for exactly 3 miles – it winds around quite a bit, but just stay on this road. Once you hit 2.9 miles, you will see a dirt road to your right – turn here. There will be a narrow canal all along the right side of the road. Right before you get to the end of this dirt road you will see the ranch on your left. Pull through the gates and head straight ahead to the parking area. (There will be signs for the ranch all along the outside of the fence.) Coordinates: N 36°56.590’ E035°24.918’

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3 thoughts on “Adana Horse Ranch

  1. Larissa says:

    I set up a group visit this past Wednesday with the owner’s son, Yigit. I was able to communicate in English with him via email. We had a great turn-out with 12 adults and 14 children (ages 1-5)! Yigit and his staff did an awesome job accommodating our group and ensuring that every child (and adult) that wanted to take a ride on a horse/pony was able to do so. We actually had the entire ranch to ourselves! Yigit gave the kids sugar cubes to feed to the horses and they had a blast. One of the moms, brought some sand toys, which kept the kids entertained as well. (There is a large sanded area where the kids could play freely.) Thank you Yigit for making our visit so special!


  2. Casey says:

    Great place to learn to ride. The trainer is knowledgeable and the owners are continuously making improvements around the property. (My 10 year old son takes weekly lessons.)


  3. Jennifer says:

    I’ve been riding here for about 3 months and have recommended it to many friends. The horses are high quality, well fed athletes which is a rare find in this area. The instructor is very knowlegable and is able to teach well despite the language gap. The entire farm is pleasant and relaxing even for those who don’t wish to ride.
    A few notes…lessons are actually scheduled in 30 minute increments for 40tl. You may get to ride longer if nobody is scheduled after you, but the confirmed length is 30 minutes. They do not ride the horses on Monday as that is their day to rest up since weekends are very hard on them. If you’re going to ride, you’ll want to wear stretchy or loose pants and boots with a small heal, but they offer the remaining gear you’ll need (helmet, half chaps). They only offer english saddles. If you want to buy your own riding breeches, boots, helmet, gloves, etc you can find those at the Decathalon (spelling?) store in the Optimum Mall.
    If you go out, I recommend taking dog treats for the many rescue dogs that roam the property or are in the huge dog run behind the stalls. You can also take treats for the horses such as apples or carrots (just be cautious when hand feeding horses as ti’s easy for them to accidentally get your fingers).


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