City Grill, Speicher


City Grill, Spangdahlem | www.germanyja.comThis was the very first restaurant my family and I went to when we first arrived in Spangdahlem. Coming off of our tour in Okinawa, my wife, who is a German national, was adamant about getting a Doener (closest pronunciation for Americans would be “doo-na”). I couldn’t complain because I love these Turkish delights.

Upon entering the restaurant you are greeted by friendly faces and a cute family owned restaurant setting. After we took our seats we were handed menus and were pleasantly surprised about having a menu we could understand. This was coming from Okinawa where there isn’t always an English translation, so it was nice. Having a German wife also helps, but have no fear if you don’t have a German speaking friend or spouse because they speak very good English. The menu had a wider selection than we had expected. From Doener, to pizzas, to pastas, and a kids menu, there was an abundant selection of choices. They even have wings and fries for the not so adventurous. Prices were also pretty fair: €2.50 for the small and €4.00 for the large Doener.

City Grill, Speicher | www.germanyja.comEven though there was so much to choose from, we ordered what we went there for, Doener. There are two size options, normal and big. Naturally having the bigger appetite, I took the big and my wife took the normal. One thing that I am used to is to have multiple meat options, but there’s only one. It didn’t matter though because it tasted great. There were also other options as to what you want in your Doener. I took the one with everything. When our Doeners arrived we were ecstatic. They looked and tasted amazing. My wife is pretty picky when it comes to Doener, but she was very pleased with her Doener. After we paid our bill at the bar, we set off with our stomachs full and our hunger satisfied.

Overall, I think we had a great experience there. There is a great atmosphere and great service. We still continue to go there to satisfy our Doener cravings. It is the closest Doener restaurant to Spangdahlem AB, and I would consider it the best you can find within a 50 km distance from the base. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone. If you have any doubts about the place, check out the neat coin collection they’ve accumulated on the bar.



From Spangdahlem Front gate: Make a left at the roundabout towards Binsfeld (L46 away from the autobahn), keep heading straight through the roundabouts until the final roundabout before Binsfeld and take a right towards Speicher (still L46), you’ll come to a light, take a right (L39) and follow it all the way into Speicher. When you enter the town, keep driving until you hit a T intersection from the left side, the restaurant is directly to your left.

Bahnhofstraße 9
54662 Speicher


Parking is found where there is a blue “P” sign behind the restaurant.


Their hours are from Mon-Sun 1100-2300.


They take Euro only.

City Grill Website (has the full menu; photo credit for second picture)

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