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While my in-laws were here visiting, I stumbled upon an awesome market on Monday. I had no idea that this market existed and was stoked when I discovered it. My in-laws were only here for 6 days so it was perfect to be able to take them to a traditional, local Turkish market.

The Monday Market is located in close proximity to the back base gate. It is on a connecting street and along a canal. The market is extensive and runs almost the entire length of the canal. Parking is a breeze because you can just pull over to the side of the road and park anywhere along the curb.

The market is on a flat and paved surface (a plus when it comes to markets in Adana) and is covered with tarps for shade. The absolutely best part about this market (when we went) was that I wasn’t constantly being bumped into. We went around noon and although there were plenty of locals, it wasn’t shoulder-to-shoulder crazy. My 3 year old daughter was able to walk around without being in the stroller or attached to my hand – an enjoyable outing for both of us!

The market sells everything from fresh produce to cheese, olives, honey, eggs, clothing, shoes, nick-knacks, fabric, toys, and kitchenware. And the prices were great! Most of the prices were even posted, which was nice to know that I would be paying the same price as the locals (not always the case with markets around here).

If you plan to purchase many items here, be sure to bring a pull-cart or buggy since most of the products are sold by the kilo or half-kilo. It’s also a good idea to have small bills on you because the cost of some of the produce is 1-3TL. Of course, if you don’t have small change or bills, you can always find a vendor that will have change for 20TL.

Directions: map Make a right out of the base front gate. Make a right onto the D400. Make a right onto Sezai Karakoç Blv at the light (following the green signs towards Mersin – there’s also a VW dealership on the corner). Follow the road a little past the back base gate and then make a left turn (you should be able to see the white tarps of the market from the road). The market is located on the left side of the street so you will need to go to the end and make a U-turn. You can then park anywhere along the curb by the side of the market.

Coordinates: N 37°00.738’ E035°23.266’

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