Cosecha Café


Hands-down, my favorite place to eat in Adana is Cosechas! I love the atmosphere. I love the food. I love the free valet parking. I love the elegance at night and the kid-friendly staff during the day. I love eating there with my family. I love having a few drinks with friends at the bar. I love being there and feeling like I’m back home for a brief moment in time.

I have eaten at Cosechas for lunch with my family, a dinner date with my husband, a large party with my girlfriends, and a small party with a couple of friends. No matter the reason for my visit, this restaurant is able to accommodate the occasion.

When we eat there with the kiddos (ages 3 & 6), we usually go on Sunday around noon. Each time that we’ve gone, we were able to pull right up outside the restaurant, unload the kids and hand the keys over to valet. We are always seated immediately in the nearly empty restaurant and the kids are given a coloring page and their own box of colored pencils.

When I’ve eaten at Cosechas with friends, we usually go at night and the restaurant is packed; however, there have always been tables available downstairs by the bar; which I prefer anyway. I love the trendy atmosphere down there, the low lighting, the DJ playing English music and the privacy. Usually it’s a younger crowd down there and I don’t get as many stares from the locals.

I want to also mention that there is a lounge area downstairs that is really nice to sit and relax at with a drink from the bar. There is plenty of seating to fit a large group and the DJ is right there and will take requests. On one visit with 20 of my closest girlfriends (ha!) we even moved the coffee tables out of the way to create a dance floor. Many of us got up and danced the night away; it was awesome! The bar tenders and DJ loved to see us enjoying ourselves and fed into the excitement by playing more songs that we could sing and dance to, and the bar tender even came over and gave all of us free shots!

Upstairs the restaurant offers a warm and inviting atmosphere; perfect for a date night.

Cosechas has 2 private dining areas that can be reserved for large parties. They also accept reservations for any party size on any given night. There is always (from our experience) someone on staff that speaks English which is really helpful. Cosechas has a “demonstration kitchen” downstairs as well that can be rented for hosting a culinary class (i.e. A food cooking demonstration). This would be a great place to have a Social!

Cosecha’s menu is quite extensive. They serve everything from wood-oven pizzas (these are delicious by the way) to steak to fish to pasta dishes to salads (and they do have a kids menu). It is mainly Mediterranean cuisine and they have their own bakery. I have tried the pizza, chicken, steak and many of the appetizers and they are all delicious! I highly recommend ordering the Oven Roasted Mushrooms from the appetizer menu – wow!

Like most restaurants, the price ranges depending on what you’re ordering. It is definitely not on the cheap side, but if you’re on a budget you could easily split a wood-oven pizza (they have 15 different types to choose from) and the cost is 16-20TL. If you drink water and share a pizza, you can easily enjoy a night out at a great restaurant for under $20 per couple! The other menu item prices rival those in the states; similar to Olive Garden prices.

If you haven’t tried Cosheas yet, put it on your list of things to try in Adana!

Cosecha Café

Address: Kurtuluş Mah. Ziyapaşa Blv. Yavuz Sultan Selim Apt. 8-A Seyhan/ADANA

Phone: +90 322 454 1 444



map Make a right out of the base front gate. Make a right on the D400. Vere right off the D400 after the large Adana Mosque and go straight through the roundabout. Make a right at the 2nd light onto Ziyapasa Blv. Since Cosechas is on the left, you will need to go to the end of the street and follow the roundabout all the way around, making a U-turn. Cosechas will be down a little ways and on your right. Parking is available all along Ziyapasa Blv. and monitored by a parking attendant. If you park here, the attendant will place a receipt on your windshield to track how long you are parked and then charge you accordingly (usually it’s about 2-3TL for a couple hours). Note that Cosechas also offers free valet parking – Just pull up right in front of the restaurant (you’ll see the little signs – pictured on the left) and if a staff member isn’t out there to greet you, pop your head inside and point to your car (they’ll know exactly what you’re asking for and call the valet). If you valet, it’s always nice to tip. There is also parking available for free behind Ziyapasa Blv. on the side streets. I have found that you can pretty much park anywhere that you find an opening, as long as there is not a ‘no parking’ sign or you’re not blocking a driveway.

Coordinates: N 37°00.097’ E035°19.184’

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