Friends Café – Food, Fun & Even Sushi!


If you’re looking for a casual dining experience with a fun and friendly (no pun intended) atmosphere, then you’ve found it – Friends Café! This could possibly be the most popular restaurant for Incirlik folk and you may have already heard of it. The reason for its popularity among Americans is most likely because it reminds us of restaurants back home. I heard one person say it reminders her of TGI Fridays in the states.

Friends is use to serving Americans and therefore always has someone on staff that speaks English. Plus they even have English menus! Speaking of the menu, it is extensive! They serve soups, salads, pastas, beef dishes, chicken dishes, grilled entrees and even sushi. Actually they have 110 kinds of sushi made by a Japanese chef. The prices are reasonable and sushi is even half off every Monday and Thursday (reservations are recommended, but not required on these popular nights)

I personally love the atmosphere of Friends. They offer indoor table seating, booth seating (great for sleepy toddlers to lay down), outdoor terrace seating and even playground seating. After my family eats we usually head out to the playground area where my kids can burn some energy while my husband and I enjoy some adult conversation over a hot glass of çay.

Friends is kind-of in an awkward location in that you don’t really see it until you pull into the parking lot. This is because it is right next to a PO Gas Station, which can be confusing as your GPS unit says, “You have reached your destination” and all you can think is that your GPS is busted because “this is clearly a gas station.” Well, your GPS is correct – just follow the road past the gas station and you will see a small parking area in front of the restaurant. There is a parking attendant who will most likely direct you into a parking space. If the lot is full, the attendant may ask for your keys so that they can move the cars around accordingly.


Address: Kışla Mahallesi Mithat Özhan Bulvarı No: 215 / A Yüreğir/ADANA

Hours: 12:00-15:00 / 18:00-22:00 (Closed Sundays)

Phone: 0322 338 66 40

Directions: map Make a right out of the base front gate. Make a right onto the D400. Make a right at the light onto Sezai Karakoç Blv, following the green signs towards Mersin (there is a VW dealership on the corner). Make a left onto Ulubatli Hasan Blv. Follow the road straight through the light. Once you go through Kozan Cd (a busy road) you will now be on Yeşil Blv. Continue on this road (following the canal) until it ends. Make a right at the light onto Dr. Mithat Ozsan Blv. You will go under the large Çukurova Univ. sign. Continue down this road until you pass the PO Station and Friends Cafe on your left. To get to it on the other side of the road you will need to go around the roundabout and then head back towards it.

Coordinates: N 37°03.013’ E035°21.371’

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2 thoughts on “Friends Café – Food, Fun & Even Sushi!

  1. Mary Gobble says:

    Looks like an awesome place for families. We will definitely check this place out particularly because of the outdoor park seating. Thanks for always sharing such neat places for all of us to enjoy. Can’t wait to arrive in Turkey in 30 days.


  2. Tuti says:

    We’ve dined at Friend’s twice and both times it has been a pleasant experience. Love the outdoor playground! Makes dining with a 2 year old toddler very enjoyable.


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