Meatrang All You Can Eat Korean BBQ


Korean food makes my soul happy. Its so good and the best part my kids love it! So when we found an ALL YOU CAN EAT beef and leaf ( also known as Korean BBQ) we immediately tried it..and it has been a staple in our dinners at least once month.



Korea--Meatrang itaewon beef and

You see I am all for good cheap food. This is exactly what it is. The name is Meatrang and it is great. They have plenty of side dishes to suit your fancy.

Korea--meatrang beef and

And pork, beef, seafood, hotdog wieners (my kids love that part) and plenty of different types of kimchi (I counted 5 different’s a pic of one..the common one cost know about)

Korea--Meatrang itaewon

Korea--Meatrang itaewon buffet--Koreaye.comIt’s a traditional take your shoes off at the door, sit on the floor Korean restaurant. You also cook the food yourself.

Korea--Meatrang dining

They also gave an array of soups and two different types of rice, steamed white…and purple rice….with beans….unfortunately the rice was all gone and in the process of cooking when we went so no pics of it.


The price is great! For my whole family of 6, we eat for less than 46,000 won. That includes a couple of Pepsi’s and a Cass or two.

Here is the price pic:

Adults are 12000 won a piece and kids are 6000 won.
After 10 pm everyone is half price. Also it closes for one hour everyday.
Here is a picture of the sign:


Directions: from the Hamilton Hotel in Itaewon

Head Straight down the street directly in front of the Hamilton Hotel. (If you are coming from Yongsan this is the street branching off to the right just after Itaewon subway exit 4…Dos Amigos and Left Coast Burger are on this street.) When you get to the second light, at the top of the hill, keep straight down the hill. The restaurant will be on your left about 20 steps ahead. It’s an easy walk but we always drive and park in front of the restaurant. The owner always guides us into and out of our spot.


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