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Pincho’s is the hot new restaurant that just opened in Stuttgart-Degerloch and I’ve been twice now (because I’m so hip, of course). It is currently the place to be on Friday night, so we were lucky to get a table for a couple of hours. Starting at 8pm, every seat in the place was reserved. There’s no bar seating per se, but there is a little cozy corner featuring arm chairs where two people could very comfortably sit and chat without taking a whole table.

Part of the mystery of Pincho’s is that, unlike most German restaurants, there is no menu posted outside, so you really have to go see for yourself if you want to find out what they have. The atmosphere is very pleasant, with elaborate woodwork, nice design elements and candles (both fire and electric) everywhere. I went with girlfriends both times, but I think it would also be a great place for a quiet date. We did see one child there on our last visit, but it is not geared toward families and I would probably leave the toddler at home.

Pincho's Stuttgart |

Pincho’s features a tapas-style menu, offering warm and cold options as well as a variety of wines and other drinks. Since tapas are really finger foods (or appetizer portions), I wouldn’t recommend this restaurant to the ravenously hungry. The dishes are arranged in a creative and pretty way, but they’re also small, making this a great place for a quiet drink and a snack, but probably not a full dinner.

I had the orange and olive salad (way tastier than it sounds), and the warm tomato and eggplant dish. They were both delicious. My friends had a cheese plate and a meatball dish, and were also happy with the result. We all had the house wine and were enjoyed it. They bring it to the table in its own little ice bucket made out of a tin can with the restaurant’s logo on it, so precious it would be worthy of Pinterest.

The service was not lightning-fast, and the prices are on the high end of reasonable, but I think what you’re really paying for is the ambiance. With two house wines and the two dishes I ordered, I made it out for under 20 Euros.

**Full disclosure: My upstairs neighbor works in the kitchen at Pincho’s, but I don’t know if she was working when we visited.

Pincho's Stuttgart |

Tips For Your Trip:

Pincho’s website



Tuesday – Thursday: 1200-1400 (Kitchen closes at 1345)


Monday – Saturday: 1800 – 2200
Sunday: Closed


Epplestraße 30
70597 Stuttgart

Reservations (highly recommended):

Call 0711-22669898 after 1730.

Pincho's Stuttgart |

One thought on “Pincho’s Restaurant, Stuttgart

  1. Lucy says:

    I’ve just seen that they’ve added tables for outdoor seating. It’s near the street, but would probably be nice in the evening after traffic eases.


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