Mersin Marina – Eat, Shop & Relax!


One of my favorite places to visit for a day trip is the Mersin Marina. We usually go on the weekend to get a change of scenery from Adana. It’s an easy get-away that entertains both us adults and our kids alike. While my husband and I enjoy dinning on the international cuisine, our children love the kiddie rides.

The Mersin Marina offers an upscale dining and shopping experience located right on the water. There are numerous restaurants to choose from including fine and casual dining. They have everything from fancy seafood restaurants to a Burger King. We usually opt for something in the middle like Big Chefs, Tapas, or WoWos (these are our favorites).

The marina also offers an array of coffee shops from Starbucks to Lavazza (an amazing Italian coffee company).

Along with restaurants and cafés, the Marina has plenty of retail shops to explore. From men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing stores to specialty shops selling things such as sunglasses, jewelry and glassware. There is also a toy shop and a small Migros store (similar to Super Wal-mart). On average, the shops tend to be on the more expensive end of retail, but it’s fun to window shop.

The little fair-like rides at the Marina are great for kids. There are rides such as Bumper Cars, a Carousel, a mini-Ferris Wheel and small Train. To ride the rides, you must purchase a card that they will fill with ‘credits.’ Once you have done this, just take your card to the ride entrances and a staff member will swipe it, deducting the credits from the card.

One of my favorite parts about visiting the marina is the ease of parking. I know, this sounds weird! But if you’ve been in Turkey long enough, you understand what I’m talking about. It can be crazy in this town to locate a parking spot and then navigating your way in and out. The Mersin Marina has a large lot with lined parking spaces – yay! And if you get there early enough (any time before 2pm), you’ll have no problem finding a space. Once you pull into the marina, follow the road to the left and it will take you into the large parking area. The marina is open 7 days a week.

Mersin Marina


Address: Adnan Menderes Bulvarı Eğriçam Mah. 33/F Yenişehir-MERSİN

Telephone: 0324 330 03 00

Directions: map The best way to get to the marina is via the highway. Make a right out of the base front gate. Make a right onto the D400. Make a right at the light onto Sazai Karakoc Blv, following the green signs to Mersin (there is a VW dealership on the corner). Follow this road to the end and keep left onto the highway. Follow the highway for about an hour. For detailed directions from here, click on the ‘map’ link, as the roads have long names and are usually not posted anyway. It’s best to have a GPS unit with you on this trip, especially if it’s your first time.

Coordinates: N 36°46.194’ E034°34.033’

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