M1 Mall


M1 (1)

Adana has two large malls; the Optimum Outlet Mall and the M1 Mall. Both have a great selection of retail shops, movie theaters and large arcades with games and rides. The M1 Mall is a bit nicer than the Optimum Mall and reminds me more of the malls we have back home.

It also has some American brand stores like Gap, Gap Kids, Nike, Levis, Puma and Dockers. I personally like the shoe selection better at the M1. I have found many pairs of shoes for myself – dressy and casual – as well as for my kids. All sizes are European. If you don’t know your size, click here to view a conversion chart.

M1 3

The M1 is a one-story mall with the food court as its hub at one end. It can get a little confusing navigating your way through there so I always park by the go-carts and enter by McDonalds. When I am finished shopping, I head to the food court area and look for Sbarros Pizzaria (the same as in the states) and take the far right walkway to know I’m headed in the right direction. I pass Gap and Starbucks on the way out.

The M1 Mall sells clothes, shoes, jewelry, electronics, kitchenware and sport’s attire. There used to be a Home Depot-like store, but it closed. They may have opened another one or have plans to open, but I haven’t seen it yet. However, they do have a Migros; which is similar to a Walmart.

M1 4

The M1 has lots of little kiddie rides, including a trackless train the drives through the mall. I’ve taken my kids on this a few times and they really enjoy it. Also as a bribe for being good at the mall, I get my kids an ice cream cone at a little stand-alone shop located by the restrooms in the food court area. The cost is 1TL for 1 scoop and 2TL for 2 scoops! There are lots of flavors to choose from and the ice cream is really delicious.

BenQ CorporationKarting (3)

In the same vicinity as the M1 Mall there is also a PO gas station, Baby Store (similar to Babies-R-Us) and Go-Karts (called Karting). I have been in the Baby Store, called ebebek, and found some great things including a carseat for my daughter and a light-up tooth brush to let her know how long to brush her teeth. They also have strollers, toys, baby safety items, clothes and more. Ebebek is located in the gray castle building to the right of the M1.

Website: www.m1adana.com.tr

Hours: 10:00-22:00

Address: Zincirlibağlar Mevkii, Yeni Mahalle Öğretmenler Bulvarı M1 AVM Seyhan, 01270 Adana

Directions: map Make a right out of the base front gate. Make a right onto the D400. Make a right at the light onto Sezai Karac Blv (following the green signs towards Mersin – also, there is a VW dealership on the corner). Take this road all the way to the end and then veer left (the road comes to a Y) onto the highway. Follow the highway for about 15-20 minutes and exit at the airport exit (Havalimani). Follow the exit around, continuing on this road. Make a right at your second light onto Ogretmenler Blv. You will then see the M1 Mall on your right.

Coordinates: N 37°01.027’ E035°14.736’

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