IceRobot, Kaiserslautern


IceRobot, Kaiserslautern |
A new player from an established restaurant has entered the ice cream scene in Kaiserslautern. IceRobot, an offshoot of Urban Vital restaurant, recently opened a few doors down from the original restaurant in the pedestrian area. It is a robotic ice cream store.

What exactly does that entail? The customer walks in on the right hand side of the store and approaches several touchscreen displays where one orders. The first choice is how the ice cream will arrive: becher (in a paper cup) or wafflebecher (in a waffle cup).

IceRobot, Kaiserslautern | www.germanyja.comThen one must choose the flavors, whose offerings change often. Choose the flavors on the screen, hit the green check mark to finish the transaction, and a plastic card and a receipt pop out.

Proceed with the card to the back of the store. There are three queues where one may approach and drop the card into a slot at the counter. The order is processed and the ice cream proceeds down a conveyor belt to a small roll-up door at the queue.

IceRobot, Kaiserslautern |

Continue to the other side of the store and add any wanted toppings. After adding toppings, visit the cashier stand to pay. The ice cream is weighed and the price is calculated.

The store is small and does not offer seating. Outside are some tall tables where one may stand and eat the tasty ice cream. In addition to ice cream, there is also coffee to go.

IceRobot, Kaiserslautern | www.germanyja.comThe ice cream is made by Urban Vital restaurant. It’s delicious hard serve cream that has very fresh ingredients with brilliant flavors. For example, the mango and peach scoops I had tasted like eating the actual fresh fruit. I’ve never been disappointed with Urban’s ice cream, having eaten it before at the original restaurant. I added a warm raspberry topping and that was delicious too. My concoction with two small scoops of ice cream and the topping was 2,80 euros, which is very much in line for ice cream prices.

The overall experience was quirky. It’s slower to buy ice cream here than it would be to stop by an ice cream store and be quickly served. However, kids would probably love ordering their ice cream on a screen and watching it make its way down the conveyor belt. For those looking for a tasty treat served in an unusual way, IceRobot is the place to try.

IceRobot, Kaiserslautern | www.germanyja.comTips For Your Trip

IceRobot: Homemade Ice-Cream


Am Altenhof 8


Monday-Sunday 11:00-20:00


There is an underground lot just around the corner

Careful reader award! If you noticed the ice cream picture doesn’t match the description – good job! The ice cream mentioned in the post was too delicious to wait around and take pictures. These scoops are coffee, pistachio, snickers and bounty. Also delicious, but we had a moment to take their picture and make them last a bit longer!

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