Aiin’s World


The Great Wall of China, London Bridge, Statue of Liberty, and Mt. Kilimanjaro (and more!) all in one park?  Yes! Welcome to Aiins World, a park that houses replicas of famous structures from all over the world.

Aiins World is located outside of Seoul, in Bucheon, about an hour’s trip on the train (more detailed directions later).  It is a nice, quiet town, with the feel of the suburbs.   The hustle and bustle of Seoul was definitely not felt, and it was actually quite relaxing to spend the day there.

A bit quirky, but fun, here are some photos I took while we toured the park…


Korea--Korea--Aiins World Eiffel

Korea--Aiins World Great Wall--Koreaye.comKorea--Aiins

Korea--Aiins World Statue of

Admission into the park is 10,000W for adults, 8,000W for children.  A little stiff, but worth seeing at least once.  I doubt we will go back, but it was definitely fun to see once.  There is a food court (mostly Korean food, although I did see a hotdog place) at the beginning of the park, and another small snack area about halfway through.  We packed a picnic lunch and ate it at the tables midway.

Also in the front area of the park, it looked like there were some other things set up for little kids, but we did not investigate as our son looked a little too old for the activities (he is 9).

Walking back to the train station from the park, we discovered that the big complex just outside of the station is a comic museum on one side, and a café/kids play area on the other.  We did not do the museum, but we did stop at the café for a drink and let our son play for about 30 minutes.  There was no charge to play (we didn’t see a sign for prices and no one approached us to pay for his entrance), but the café was right by the door, and the lady working seemed to expect us to order a drink, so I am thinking that the play area is free with a purchase.


Admission: 10,000W for adults, 8,000W for children

Hours:  (From the Visit Korea Tourism Site. Thanks Visit Korea!)

April -October : Weekdays 10am-9pm / Weekends & Holidays 10am-10pm
November – March : Weekdays 10am-8pm / Weekends & Holidays 10am- 9pm. ** Last admission is 1 hour before closing time

Directions: (these are not as complicated as they sound):

Aiins World is located at Samsan Gymnasium, line 7.  Exit 5.  We took Line 1 from Yongsan station, and intended to transfer to line 7 at Onsu.  However, after Guro, line 1 splits, and our train took the direction opposite the way we wanted to go.  No biggie, the first stop after the switch is Gasan Digital Complex, another transfer to line 7.  Back on track, we cruised along line 7 until we hit Onsu.  At this point our train had reached the end of its line.  Again, no biggie.  We all got off the train, and on the other side of the platform was the train that went on the rest of the way we needed to go on Line 7.  I explain all of that not to confuse anyone, but so that you know that there are a few possible glitches in the travel.    Again,  not a big deal, just pay attention to the stations as you are on the train.

When you exit Samsan Gymnasium (line 7, exit 5), the directions we followed said take Bus 558, but it is actually a short walk.   Just out of the station, you will see a mall like area with a few restaurants and beside it, a large complex.  Follow the little path on your left out of the station.  Go in between the two buildings that make up the big complex (there are some sculptures in the middle) and stay on that path/sidewalk.  You will soon be on a path above the street and that will lead you right to Aiins World.  You really can’t miss it.

Have fun and take a camera!

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