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Salvatore, Landstuhl | www.germanyja.comIn the mood for some Italian? You should try Trattoria da Salvatore: Italian food, Italian hospitality, with a side of Italian bocce. Friends took us there for a Saturday dinner and we had a great time.

Salvatore is located in Landstuhl, but enough out of town that it feels secluded. It’s tucked in a little bowl surrounded by woods. It’s connected to a tennis academy so you know you’ve found it when you start to see the red clay courts.

There was plenty of free parking, even when the place got hopping later on in the evening.

The owner greeted us after we pulled in and we were seated outside. This worked very well since there were two kids in our party. There was a nice playground for them and they could run back and forth all night. They were happy and so were their parents! Salvatore’s has a large patio and a huge yard so it seemed like they could set up miles of tables. The inside eating area was much smaller.

Salvatore, Landstuhl | www.germanyja.comThe menu was quite extensive with tons of different appetizers, salads, pasta dishes, pizzas, fish, steaks, some traditional German food, desserts and drinks. At our table the adults ordered tortellini alla Salvatore (tortellini with broccoli, mushrooms and cream sauce, rigatoni puttanesca (rigatoni with olives, capers, garlic and tomato sauce), ravioli alla panna (ravioli with ricotta, spinach and cream sauce), and Hawaii Schnitzel (Schnitzel with cheese and pineapple, served with a side salad and choice of fries, roasted potatoes, rice or noodles). The two kids split a family size (40cm) pizza margherita and to be honest the adults helped with that one!

The food was served quickly and everyone enjoyed what he or she had. I was impressed with the quick and attentive service. Later, they got very busy (an entire high school track team came almost at once) and they were able to keep up with everyone. Later the owner came over and said that there were only five people working in the kitchen. I’d say including the owner there were only five servers as well, and he said they delivered two pizzas during that time as well. They kept our orders straight and checked in to see how we were doing too.

The owner was a type-cast Italian restaurant order. He spoke in a charming mixture of Italian, German and English. He made sure the kids knew to look out for cars on the way to the playground, made sure we were seated comfortably, and checking on us to make sure we had a good experience.

We also ordered the tiramisu, because this is what you must do. (My hubby is from a big Italian family. I think it must be a rule.) It was creamy and very flavorful. The dessert menu also has quite a few ice cream choices.

For four adults and two children (six drinks, five dishes, two desserts and one left over piece of pizza when all was said and done) the total bill came to under 60€. A basket of sliced Italian bread was a free appetizer at each table.

So we’ve covered the Italian food and the Italian hospitality, but I haven’t explained the bocce. Bocce is the yard game you sometimes see older gentlemen play in the park (especially in Italy). There were two bocce courts next to the tennis courts surrounding the restaurant yard. No one was playing this time, but maybe when we go back, which will probably be soon!

Salvatore, Landstuhl | www.germanyja.comTips For Your Trip:

Salvatore’s web page  (includes menu)


Fleischackerloch 1
66849 Landstuhl


If you are coming into Landstuhl from the A6, turn left on Saarbrücker Strasse/B 40. This will be away from the main area of Landstuhl. Drive until you see Toom and Kaufland on your right. You will see a sign on your left for Trattoria da Salvatore and the Tennisacademy. Continue down this road about a half mile and you will see the red clay courts on your right and the road ends at the Salvatore parking area.


Monday – Friday: 1100-1500 and 1700 – 2300
Saturday & Sunday: 1100-2300






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