Rolling Ball Museum & Fun Museum



Looking for a fun little spot to spend a couple hours this summer when the monsoon hits?  Check out The Rolling Ball Museum and the Fun Museum!   Both are small, but are quite fun for young kids (I’d say 10 and under) ….and maybe some big kids too (aka Parents…I loved both!).

Both “museums” are located on the same floor of a building in the Kyunghyang Art Center.  The Rolling Ball Museum is a room filled with different mazes, some motorized, some not, where balls work their way through twists, turns, and jumps.  There is also a section for putting together your own maze for a marble.  My son and I enjoyed this part, and discovered creating one that works is not as easy as it looks! The Fun Museum is across the hall, and is more of a creative inventions display.  All throughout are neat items that serve a fun (or in some cases weird) function.

Here are some photos from our visit….

Korea--Rolling Ball

Korea--Rolling Ball

Korea--Rolling Ball Museum

Korea-Rolling Ball Museum and fun

Korea--Rolling Ball Museum and fun


I followed the directions on this website:

But if you are like me, and do not know how far 300 meters is, you will go too far too!  Haha! So… give a little more specific help (I had to use 2 lifelines while I was out looking for it….phone a friend AND poll the audience….ok, not really an audience, but a nice Korean lady who could tell I was lost and stopped to help me)…..

By subway, when you come out of the Seodaemun Station exit, go straight, and at the big 4 way intersection, cross the street, then turn right.  In the 2nd building on your left, you should see a sign on the door that says Kyunghyang Art Center.    Go into that building, up the stairs past the coffee shop, and on the right, there are some stairs….go up the stairs and that will lead you to the ticket counter to the museums.




2 thoughts on “Rolling Ball Museum & Fun Museum

  1. Amy says:

    The last time I walked by the building, the sign was still on the marquis outside. I did not go in though. It was a few weeks ago. 1330 is a tourist help line….maybe call that and see if they can help find out?


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