Bonjour – Framing, Paintings, Prints & Canvas Shop


Bonjour (5)If you’re looking to have prints framed, digital pictures enlarged on canvas or for a master piece for your walls, look no further than Bonjour. You may have even already heard about this awesome place. I have been there multiple times and on each visit have been impressed with the customer service, quality of the prints and framing, and timeliness of the services.

Bonjour (8)

There are two employees there (full-time I think) that speak good English. I have been able to communicate my wishes with no problem on each encounter. The first time I visited, I brought in a CD with the panoramic image I wanted enlarged and printed on a canvas. A lady took me to a large, flat screen TV, inserted the disc and pulled up my image. In my photo there was a guy on a moped  in the bottom left corner that I wanted removed from my landscape print and with effortless ease, she erased him from the picture. The canvas was ready 3 days later and I was truly impressed with the quality when I picked it up. I was also given the option to pay upfront or upon pick-up, which was nice. Bonjour accepts TL and credit cards.

Bonjour (10)

Bonjour also carries quite a few hand-paintings as well as prints. I have purchased both from this store and they are favorites in our house. The print I bought is a large canvas depicting the Eiffel Tower and the hand-painting is a mosque in Istanbul. I don’t remember how much I paid for the Eiffel Tower print, but I remember paying 100TL for the hand-painted mosque (this included the frame).

BonjourBonjour IV

However, the bulk of Bonjour’s business is custom framing. They have so many framing options available that it can be overwhelming. Usually, I just show them what I want framed and ask for their opinion. Nine times out of ten, I end up going with their suggestion. I’ve also had things matted and framed. From large to small, it all turns out great.

Bonjour (7)

Pricing is some of the best I have seen, especially when compared to the States. The price depends on the size and quality of the frame. There is a number on the back of the sample frame and they will calculate that number times the size of your print to give you a quote before confirming your order. The employees are very patient and helpful and will pull down as many sample frames as needed to help you reach your decision.

Bonjour (6)

Parking can be a bit of a pain since Bonjour does not have its own designated parking spaces. Plus, it’s located in a narrow alley which adds to the frustration. You pretty much have three options for parking – 1.) Parallel park anywhere along the alley side as long as you’re not blocking a drive. 2.) Park across the street from Bonjour (pictured above). There are a few diagonal parking spaces available – grab one if you can. 3.) Drive around the block and park back along the main street. Here there are designated parking spaces (my favorite is in front of Migros). These spaces are tended to by parking attendants and you will need to pay a small fee once you return to your car (usually no more than 2TL). If you are not lucky enough to find a parking space on your first go-round, continue to drive around the block until someone pulls out. You may need to be a little aggressive, but then again if you’re driving in Turkey you already know this.

Bonjour (2)

Turn right here.

Bonjour (4)

Then turn left here, down a side street.










Coordinates: N 37°00.081’ E035°19.645’

Directions: map (Note: I drive a different way than the map depicts, but either way will get you there.) Make a right out of the base front gate. Make a right onto the D400. Head towards downtown, veering right off of the D400 by the Optimum Mall. Make a right immediately after the large mosque onto Fuzuli Cd. Follow this road all the way to the large roundabout (passing McDonalds on your right). At the roundabout, make a u-turn so that you are headed back in the opposite direction. Make a right onto Toros Cd. (pictured above left). Drive a little ways down this street keeping an eye out for the orange Migros on your left. Once you see it, make a left onto 63007 Sk. (pictured above right). Bonjour will be located on your right.

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