Photo Of the Week: Wilhelm I in Baden Baden


Wilhelm I in Baden Baden |


All the history on display as we travel around Germany might lead us to think otherwise, but the country of Germany is really pretty young. The principalities were united as Germany in 1871 and this man, Wilhelm I was named the first German Emperor. Not bad for a second-born son who rose through the army ranks! There are over 1,000 monuments built to honor him in Germany. You’ll recognize him by his HUGE mutton-chops!

Wondering how a town could get the double name, Baden Baden? You can get a few clues in this article about the first “Bads” built here by the Romans thousands of years ago.

Note: This is the newest photograph in our Photo of the Week category on Germany Ja! Do you have a picture that says “This is Germany” and want to share it with us? It can be a place, a person, a plate of food… whatever says “Germany” to you. We don’t need a lot of words to go with it, because a picture is worth… well, you know! If you have a picture to share, send it to submissions Danke!


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