METRO Market Adana





Are you missing those wholesale stores in the States that sell in bulk, like Costco, Sam’s Club, or BJ’s? Well Turkey has their own version and it’s called Metro. The Metro is located over by the M1 Mall and can be accessed by either the D400 or highway (I prefer the highway since there is little traffic and the speed limit is 120kph). It is easy to spot with it’s blue and yellow sign posted way up in the air.

Once you arrive, parking is a breeze. They have a large parking lot located in the front of the store and most parking spaces are covered.


Upon entering the store there is a counter to your left. It is always manned by a staff member and you will need to go there to ask for a ‘shopping pass’ to make your purchases (pictured below). This is easy because all you need to say is “Incirlik.” Be sure to pronounce it the Turkish way “in-jur-lik.” Each time I have been, the staff understands what I am asking for and hands me a white piece of paper that I take with me while I shop and then to the check-out counter.


The Metro sells just about anything and everything from electronics to clothing to party products to kitchenware to food. They even have a liquor, beer and wine section.

Of course they also sell lots of food items in bulk. The store is well-stocked and the aisles are wide and well organized. Some of the aisles include rice and pasta, cooking oils and sauces, drinks, candy and cookies, household products, and coffees and teas. They also have a produce section, nuts and dried fruit section, meat and fish, cheese and milk and frozen items. By the check-out counters there is a great selection of fresh breads.



Be sure to bring your own bags to take your items home. If you forget to, like I do most of the time, you can purchase plastic bags for cheap. At check-out is when you will hand over the white piece of paper you received at the entrance. The cashier will scan the paper and then ring up your purchase. You will need to bag your own items.



Before you leave, be sure to stop by the bakery counter. My daughter loves baklava so we always grab a couple pieces of these sweet treats on the way out. It is a separate purchase and can be paid directly to the staff member behind the bakery counter. You can purchase small cakes here as well. And if you came hungry, they have a café where you can sit down and have a bite to eat.



METRO Market Adana

Hours: Monday – Saturday 7:30-22:00; Sunday 9:00-22:00

Payment: TL and Credit Cards


Phone: 0322 355 2200

Address: Yeşiloba Mh., Metro, 01000 Adana, Turkey

Google Coordinates: 36.994639, 35.251917

Directions: map Take a right out of the base front gate. Take a right onto the D400. Follow the D400 for about 30 minutes (passing the Optimum Mall, the river and the large mosque – all on your right). Keep your eyes out for the tall blue and yellow METRO sign – it will be on your left. Once you see this sign you will exit the D400 by veering right and then making a left turn onto the street that will take you to the Metro. It will be located directly on your right (after you make that left turn). Be sure to view the map for the exact location since there is no exit or street name available.

3 thoughts on “METRO Market Adana

  1. Tuti says:

    Did you know that you can eat lunch at the Metro? They have a great little cafe right outside the entrance doors. I had a delicious grilled fish sandwich for only 5 TL. It was so big I couldn’t even finish it all.


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