DRK Store, Kaiserslautern


DRK Thrift Store, Kaiserslautern, Germany | www.germanyja.comDRK Thrift Store, Kaiserslautern, Germany | www.germanyja.comOne of my favorite thrift stores is the DRK in Kaiserslautern. The DRK is Deutsche Rote Kreuz, or the German Red Cross, and their charity shop benefits their mission.

The DRK thrift store is on a side street near the Stiftsplatz, where the weekly farmers’ market is held. It is an attractively merchandised and clean thrift store. There is even a hot beverage machine where one can buy coffee and hot chocolate to go.

There are two floors. The first floor is men and women’s clothing, coats, accessories, and jewelry. There is even new merchandise from Fruit of the Loom, usually in the form of t-shirts and sweatshirts. The dressing room is located in the back of the store.

Upstairs, there are children’s clothes and shoes, adult shoes, books, knick knacks, a small selection of housewares, bathrobes, and sometimes linens.

DRK is a medium-sized thrift store. I’ve been pleased with the quality, selection, and cleanliness at the store. Items turn over quickly there so a good selection is on offer. Pleasant staff contribute to the positive experience, too. I recommend a visit for some moderately priced, nice items that benefit a good cause.

DRK Thrift Store, Kaiserslautern, Germany | www.germanyja.comTips For Your Trip

DRK Store WebsiteDRK Thrift Store, Kaiserslautern, Germany | www.germanyja.com


Rummelstrasse 1
67655 Kaiserslautern

Tel.: 0631 – 800 93 193


Monday – Friday: 10:00 – 18:00
Saturday: 10:00 – 14:00

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