“Accessorize” Shop in Adana


Accessorize (5)

Ok ladies, this post is for you. If you love to accessorize then you’ll love this store I happened to stumble upon while visiting Cherry Berry one afternoon. It is located right across the street, in a cute little shopping strip along a side street in downtown Adana.

Accessorize (4)

Accessorize is a small retail shop that sells everything from purses, to hats, to jewelry, to beach bags, to shoes and more. They have a great selection of quality items at decent prices. If you’re lucky enough to hit one of their seasonal sales you can really get a lot for your money. I picked up some necklaces, hair clips, a fancy clutch and even a cute little piece of jewelry for my daughter at 70% off. On another visit, I purchased a super cute beach tote.

Accessorize (3)Prices range depending on the item, but overall I would say they are pretty comparable to an accessory shop in the states. However, the quality reflects in the price and I have found the items to be made well. Their selection is definitely seasonal and often changes out on a monthly basis. I like this because then there is always something new to look at when we go shopping. Below is a picture taken right before Summer. As you can see, they are well stocked with flip flops, sun hats and scarfs. There were also lots of fun beach bags and even some swim suits on the next wall.

Accessorize (1)

My 3 year old daughter absolutely loves visiting Accessorize. She’s a ‘girly girl’ and can’t wait to try on all the different jewelry, hats and shoes. She then stands in front of the floor length mirror to admire herself and her selections. I personally love that they have a children’s section and the prices are lower on these items. I can usually find something small for her to purchase on sale so it’s always a win-win situation when we visit. I also like that the accessories are color-coordinated and grouped together. It made it so much easier to find things to match my bridesmaid dress this past Spring.

Accessorize (2)

Children’s Section

Accessorize accepts TL or credit cards.  Parking is available right in front of the store and across the small, one-way street in front of Cherry Berry. There is a parking attendant that will help you find a space, direct you to it and then place a receipt on your windshield. When you return to your car, he will pull the receipt to see how long you parked and then charge you accordingly. We parked for about an hour and the cost was 2TL ($1).

Website: http://uk.accessorize.com

Address: Şinasi Efendi Cd. Adana, Turkey 01030

Directions: map Take a right out of the base front gate. Take a right onto the D400. Vere Right by the Optimum Mall exit (before the large mosque). Go through the round-about and then take a right at the next light onto Ataturk Cd. Accessorize is located on the left side of the street so you will need to go all the way to the end of the street and go around the round-about (making a U-turn). After the U-turn, it is located on the 3rd street on your right. It is directly across from Cherry Berry and on the right.

Coordinates: N 37°00’060″  E35°19’366″

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