El Greco Restaurant, Stuttgart


El Greco Restaurant, Stuttgart | www.germanyja.comFor our monthly moms’ night out, this time we went to El Greco. Don’t let the building’s shabby exterior fool you; this is a very cozy and romantic place for dinner and drinks. We were there on a Friday night starting around 7:30, but honestly, the place was only just starting to fill up around 10:30 when we were finishing up and leaving. It’s located very near the Liederhalle and other performance halls, so this would be a good place for a pre- or post-show dinner.

El Greco Restaurant, Stuttgart | www.germanyja.comThe interior is very clean and inviting. The linens and walls were white, and the chairs were upholstered and comfy. The decorations were Greek themed (of course) but not overwhelming or cheesy. The best part of the decor was the use of climbing plants covering the ceiling and giving it beautiful green texture. The service was very prompt and friendly.

The menu features meat, fish and vegetarian options. Everyone at our table was very happy with their choices. I had a potato puree with garlic as an appetizer. The garlic was very heavy (as advertised), and took my breath away a little. Thank goodness for wine as a palate cleanser! I had the suggested rosé, along with a friend, and we were both happy with it.

El Greco Restaurant, Stuttgart | www.germanyja.comThe dolmathes (stuffed grape leaves) tasted very fresh and well-prepared. They’re one of my favorite foods, but it’s hard to find nice ones since it’s so easy to buy them out of a jar or tin. These seemed far lighter and homemade (yippee!) For my main course, I had a chicken with orange sauce that was cooked perfectly. It was juicy and tender and had a grilled flavor that was amazing. The chicken breast was absolutely huge, making me regret that I’d filled up so much on appetizers, but I guess that just means I’ll have to come back again sometime and take another shot at finishing it.

One of the highlights came after dinner, when our whole table was offered complimentary shots of ouzo. Some of the group members don’t drink, so the bartender very kindly prepared some non-alcoholic cocktails for them so they could join in. They were these gorgeous little multi-colored drinks, reminiscent of a tequila sunrise.

El Greco Restaurant, Stuttgart | www.germanyja.comEl Greco is very conveniently located right at the Berlinerplatz stop on the UBahn. I went by train, and I’m told that parking was not very convenient. It would be a great place for a romantic date night or a night out with friends. We didn’t see any kids in the restaurant, and I’m guessing it isn’t really their scene, but if you’re looking for a good grown-up night out, this place comes highly recommended.

El Greco’s website


Leuschnerstr. 17
70174 Stuttgart


Monday & Tuesday: 1700- 0100
Wednesday – Saturday: 1130-1500 & 1700-0100
Sundays: 1130-0100
Kitchen open until 2300



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