Café Travel Maker American Breakfast


Korea--American Breakfast Cafe Travel

“Where is a good place to get an American style breakfast?”  This is a question that I hear and see quite a bit here in Seoul, and honestly, one that I often ask as well!  When a friend of mine said she had found out about a place whose menu resembled Waffle House, I knew we needed to try it!  So, one Saturday morning, 2 friends and I, and our kids, set off for a breakfast at Café Travel Maker.

Located in the Hongdae area, the restaurant was very easy to find from the subway exit (more on our travels there later), and upon seeing the outside and inside of the restaurant, I was reminded of a small American diner. The décor was very basic, and did have a travel theme.

Korea--American Breakfast Cafe Travel

The menu is very simple, a few combos, and a la carte items, all very reasonably priced.   Pancakes, waffles, breakfast burritos, hash browns, bacon, etc……your basic American breakfast fare.   I do not remember exact prices, nor did I take a picture of the menu (I was too busy taking photos of all of our delicious food!), but to give you a frame of reference, for my son & myself, I ordered all a la carte items: a breakfast burrito, hash browns, a waffle, order of sausage links, orange juice, and apple juice only set me back 18,900W.

Korea--American Breakfast Cafe Travel

Korea--American Breakfast Cafe Travel

The food came quickly, and the service was good.  I thought the food was pretty good, but not great.  The star of the show at our table, though, was the French toast.  Now, THAT was delicious!  I would go back, but only if I was planning a day out in the city.  It was a fun experience though, and it is always nice to get off post and try something new, so I do recommend giving this restaurant a try.

Korea--American Breakfast Cafe Travel


Café Travel Maker is located just out of Hongik University station, exit 3.  We started at Noksapyong station and made one transfer.  Between the waiting, walking, and riding, it took us 45 minutes.

I don’t mind spending that long to get to somewhere I *really* want to go, or to start the day, but just to go eat somewhere that doesn’t knock my socks off, meh…..  Although, a friend who met us took a cab from her apartment in the Samgakji area and said it only took about 10 minutes, and was about 5,000W.  So, I, normally a very loyal subway enthusiast, recommend cabbing it or taking the city bus (it looks like the blue bus line, bus 110A or 740 will get you close) to this restaurant.

Bon Appetit!




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