Ravensburger Spieleland


DSCN6571My German in-laws’ gift to our son for his 4th birthday this year was a trip for the whole family to Ravensburger Spieleland. It was a very generous present, considering that adult admission is 27.50 Euros and kids from 3-14 years old cost 25.50 Euros (Eeeek!) Lucky for us, birthday children get in for free on their birthday or for up to one week after. If you want to take advantage of this deal, be sure to bring some kind of ID for your birthday child. There are stickers at the front entrance so you can write your child’s name and your cell phone number and stick them to the kid in case he or she gets lost (why didn’t I think of that?).

Ravensburger Spieleland | www.germanyja.comThe park is absolutely perfect for a 4-year-old, but also very entertaining for our toddler. There were some smaller rides that children are allowed on alone starting at 4, so my son was thrilled. Starting at age 8, children can do every ride in the park without an adult. For very small children, there were playgrounds, sand pits, a bobby-car riding area with tractors and wagons, an animal carousel, and plenty of other cool games to keep them interested.

Ravensburger Spieleland | www.germanyja.comThe park is huge, and we did it all, but I can’t possibly describe everything here. One of the major advantages was that many of the features are interactive. My son and I got to drive a “real” digger, control the speed on our bobsled rocket car, and he got to steer a moon buggy. If you’re looking for something more calm, there is a Kleinbahn (little train) that tours the park, and there are boat rides, paddle boats and a viewing tower.

Ravensburger Spieleland | www.germanyja.comWe went on a Tuesday, first thing in the morning, and the park was not crowded, which made for short lines and lots more fun. It wasn’t a Baden-Württemberg school holiday, so that made a huge difference in the number of people in the park. I imagine it gets very full when school is out.

Ravensburger Spieleland | www.germanyja.comOne of my favorites was the tractor ride, where up to 4 people can ride together in a real tractor that’s pulled along a track. It’s particularly special because it weaves through real garden plots with hops, berries, and other crops growing, so you feel like you’re on a real farm.

Ravensburger Spieleland | www.germanyja.comThere’s a small petting zoo with goats and a pig enclosure (for looking, not petting), as well as an interactive cow milking game for kids to try. In the same area, there is an animal carousel, which my 1-year-old rode 10-15 times in a row, and a galloping horse ride that kids can go on with an adult.

Ravensburger Spieleland | www.germanyja.comLike all amusement parks, get there early, bring sunscreen and prepare to walk a lot. The high sticker price makes this a rare treat, so we got there at opening and stayed until it closed. If you’re vacationing in the Bodensee area, it’s well worth it to check this one out!

Ravensburger Spieleland | www.germanyja.comTips For Your Trip:

Ravensburger Spieleland Website 


On most days the park opens at 1000 and closes between 1700 and 1900, but it has some random open and closed days so be sure to check the calendar on the Ravensburger Spieleland website.


Freizeitpark Ravensburger Spieleland
Am Hangenwald 1
D-88074 Meckenbeuren


Adults (ages 15 and older): €27.50
Children (ages 3-14); €25.50
There are two-day and annual passes.
For more information see the Ravensburger Spieleland website.


There is on-site parking for €4.00.

Ravensburger Spieleland | www.germanyja.com

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